TCS Off Campus Results 2016 Exam

TCS Off Campus Results 2016 will be announced soon- Check your Registered Email…If You are Selected you will  Receive a Congratulations Mail..And Will be Updated at Campus Commune Shortly as well..To Check at Campus Commune Follow the below given procedure.

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Check TCS Off Campus Results 2016 : TCS (Tata Consultancy Services Ltd) is India’s largest IT Services Company with a market capitalization of over $80 billion that has been consistently providing IT services, digital and business solutions to its clients or partners across the globe.TCS has been recognized by Brand Finance as one of the Big 4 Global IT Services Brands. TCS is more than just a process delivery partner; offering transformation levers, global engagements and numerous industry domains.

*Final Results of TCS Off Campus Drive @March is announced. Check Below For the result.


How to Check TCS Off Campus Results 2016 After Announcement : Steps to Follow

      • First of all login to TCS Next Step Job Portal and there Enter your CT/DT Reference Number and password to login to TCS Portal.
  • After successful login just click on Campus Commune from the left hand side of the portal and there click on Launch Campus Commune.
    • That’s it you can now view your TCS Off Campus march results from Campus Commune.

So being a part of such a large organization is itself a great achievement that can give wings to your career ahead. So if you have been a part of recently conducted TCS Off Campus recruitment drive held on 2march 2016 and are looking for TCS Off Campus Results 2016 then you have landed at the perfect destination. Get TCS Written Aptitude Results 2016 from the below given TCS Off Campus Results 2016 link.


TCS Off Campus Results 2015 December

Every Year TCS Conducts Off campus recruitment drive to hire fresh engineering graduates through out India and that too in large numbers giving freshers an amazing opportunity to grab a job after graduation. From the past few years TCS has been hiring more than 25000 freshers year for the post of Research and Development, Applications Development Team, IT Infrastructure and Services and much more. Usually these TCS Off campus drives follows the same procedure that is Written Aptitude Test + Email Writing followed by Interview Rounds consisting of Technical, Managerial and HR Interview Round.

As of now the TCS Off Campus result conducted on 2 march 2016 are not yet declared but are expected to be announced shortly. As soon as the results are declared we will update you with the appropriate link to view TCS Off Campus Results December 2016.

*Also if you are selected then you will get a message notifying “Congratulations you are selected !!! for interview & your interview details will be displayed shortly.” Moreover you will be getting all these details on your registered email Id within 2-3 days of result declaration.

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*If you are not selected then you will be getting a message notifying “Thanks for appearing in TCS off-campus written Exam, We are sorry but you are not selected this time. Please apply next time from TCS next step portal for the TCS next Off-campus Recruitment drive.”

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                                                                                    TCS Interview Result is announced


  1. results for mumbai region are declared or not
    pls replyyy

  2. I havent received any mail regarding the online test tcs as on 2 dec15

    • Students who got selected in Tcs, They have already received the Mail. Please check Your NextStep Profile For confirmation.

  3. When tcs interview will take place

    • Interview Process has been already started here in Delhi NCR….It will vary from location to location but most probably Interviews at all locations would be finished by the end of December,,,

  4. I have successfully cleared the TCS Off-Campus Test for the batch of
    2015 held on 2nd December 2015 at Kolkata but I have not recieved
    Interview Date.

    • We can’t say about the Kolkata Area..But for here in Delhi NCR Technical Interview round has been already conducted on 13th December 2015 and they will be appearing for Next Managerial and HR Interview Rounds on 18th December…Maybe at Kolkata you would receive the Interview dates soon as the whole selection process varies from location to location…So you don’t have to worry about this anymore…

      • hiii,
        iwant to atted for tcs off camus drive in chennai,what are the required topics for that one,and what is the preferance siit for preparing and give a suggestion for how to prepare ..mention web sites..pls

      • Is tcs sending mails to the selected ones only for the nxt interview round???

    • check your mail , interview dates are already received by candidates from Kolkata region. it’ll be (mail) from Mrinmoy D , check again.

  5. I hv cleared ist round but not received any mail regarding interview


    • For most of the candidates in Delhi NCR Region…The First Technical Interview round has already been conducted on 13th December 2015…Please check your mail once again or else if it is not yet scheduled you can wait for 5-6 days and then try contacting TCS Help Desk…BTW Keep Checking your Emails Regularly….

    • How many question you were attended out of 30 ?

      I have given test today & attempted 18 Right question & 54 Character email .

      Is there chance to go in 2nd Round ?

  7. Candidates who got selected,
    please share your marks
    bcoz i want to know cutoff marks of tcs

  8. Candidates who got selected,
    please share your marks
    bcoz i want to know cutoff marks of tcs


    Sir, I have cleared the written (apti+ email writing) round , but still didn’t get any notification regarding interview, I am from Delhi NCR.

    • Rishika, Decision of Interview Dates is still under process in Delhi N
      CR Region, Tcs would let you know through mail regarding the same with in a week, So keep checking your Email and Be Fully prepared for Interview.

    • hiii,
      iwant to atted for tcs off camus drive in chennai,what are the required topics for that one,and what is the preferance siit for preparing and give a suggestion for how to prepare ..mention web sites..pls

  10. Attended Technical Interview on 13th Dec. Some of my friends have received email of regret and congratulations(with next round date and venue).
    I haven’t received any email yet. Do they send emails to only those who clear?

  11. hlo sir
    i appeard for technical held on 13 december . Will u pls tell me what is the expected date of reasult .

  12. did anyone got the mail of interview from bhopal??nd i want to know when will the interviews are started in bhopal who were cleared the written test of tcs off campus drive on 2 dec 2015?

  13. I salunkhe sonali from pune. I have cleared written test but didn,t get any interview schedule.

  14. Hi I appeared for TCS off campus test on dec 7th in bangalore, but haven’t got any update about the results. please tell me when will they announce results.

  15. pls tell me how will i know technical round reasult . What would be the expected date of reasult

  16. I have cleared aptitude but not received any mail regrading interview
    clearing aptitude means that i will get interview mail too ? i am really confused its been a week after i got my result but no mail regarding interview
    Is interview for Mumbai region started ??

  17. im from pune and i have cleared the written exam held on 2nd dec. yet havent received any interview mail

  18. I ve attended the TCS off campus interview which was conducted at cochin on December 10 2015. I ve completed all the rounds and is not sure if I am placed or not. I ve not received any emails till now. I would like to know whether the interview results has been announced. I am really confused. TCS usually send the interview results to the placed students first and the rest of the applicants receive it after a month or so. So I would like to know if anyone has received the mail.
    Thank you.

  19. I have successfully cleared the TCS Off-Campus Test for the batch of
    2015 held on 2nd December 2015 at pune. but I have not recieved
    Interview Date.
    sir let me know the interview schedule for pune region

  20. hlo sir
    i have appeared for technical round held on 13 dec . will u please tell me when reasult of same declear ?

  21. I am from delhi reason and given interview of tcs on 13th december but till now i did not get any mail from TCS. Am I rejected?

  22. Sir , I didn’t get any mail regarding selection or rejection of written test held on 2dec

  23. Please tell me when will TCS aptitute result for bangalore region be declared….??????

  24. can any one tell me when will the TCS off-campus result of exam held in december 13th 2015 will be announced…..

  25. hello sir,
    i am Delhi/NCR region , all the rounds of interviews (i.e Tr,Mr,Hr) has been successfully completed, can u please tell me when the final result will be announced??

  26. Does anyone know when would be the hr interview results given ?? Held on 18 th Dec Hyderabad

  27. Sir,
    I have cleared all three rounds (tr, hr, mr)
    I am from delhi/ncr region.
    I gave my mr and hr on 17th December.
    But I haven’t recieved any mail regarding the result .
    Sir, would you Please tell how long it will take them to declare the result.

    Thank you

    • TCS Recruitment Admin

      Hi Vanshu,

      If you have cleared all the three rounds you are anyway in – aren’t you?

      Result will be published after 24th Dec – please don’t send any email to the recruitment team or else they might reject you in frustration.

  28. In my 1st round of tcs interview ,there are two teacher in my is it tr or tr + Mr round?..

    • Well No body can answer this question…It totally depends…You should better consider this round as your first Technical Interview Round and start preparing for the upcoming rounds if you are confident of clearing the Technical Interview round…If just HR Round happens then that’s very good…You are lucky for getting your two rounds completed in single….

  29. After the interview, they told me whether there r 1 teacher or 2 teacher in ur panel..I told 2 teacher.. After that they told me to wait and after some time they sent me to hr round..when hr round is complete, sir told me you can leave for the day..

  30. The link u have given, is not working.. I want to know when the result will be announced?.. The selected and rejected candidates both got the email of their results or not?…

  31. TCS Recruitment Admin

    @SURAJ RATH – Teachers has taken interview for you? Are you out of mind to spread such wrong information…

    • i have given tcs interview on 20 december and i went to mr round but not to hr round and after that they said that you can leave for the day result will be mailed what is the meaning of this. I did not get any mail yet.should i wait for HR round???

  32. Sry..I have not said like that..I said that in one panel there is 1 madam and 1 sir who took my interview..once again I am saying sorry..

  33. Sry sir.. I have not said Iike that..I said that in one panel there is 1 sir and 1 madam who took my interview.. Once again I am saying sorry..

  34. Got offer letter from TCS today… via mail..

  35. Finally the wait is over. Tcs has announced its interview result. Please check your email for Offer Letters. They would announce the result in the phases.

    • sir i have one friend received offer letter.I also gave the interview in same office at same time in which he gave.But i didnot receive any offer letter but got mail regarding keep check your mail.Whether I am selected or not?

      • Same thing happened with me.

      • Everyone please wait for the short period of time we will notify u as soon as possible. TCS phase two results are going to be out soon

        • Hello. Sir/Madam will you be a little specific regarding the date on which the 2nd phase result will be declared? It will be highly appreciated and put an end to the anxieties of the aspirants.

  36. I haven’t receive ny mail

  37. When the results of offcamp held at Hyderabad will be released..??

  38. Both the selected and rejected students got their interview result though their mail or not?… One of my friend clear all the round but did not get any mail..that mean he rejected?..

  39. May I know ur region please@ kishi?..

    • Delhi/ncr.. and offer letters for all the selected candidates are being released in phases and the first phase for the same has been completed i got my offer letter in phase 1.. kindly keep checking your mail and campus commune for further updates …. all the vryyy best!

      • Dear Candidate,

        We would like to thank you for participating in the TCS Off Campus drive and this is to inform you that offer letters for all the selected candidates are being released in phases and the first phase for the same has been completed today.

        Heartiest congratulations from TCS Team to all the selected candidates who have received their offer letters in phase1. We request the remaining candidates to kindly keep checking their mails and campus commune for further updates on their status.

        Thats the mail I received a while back.. Now i dont understand, if thats the reject or accepted

      • hello kishi.please give me ur fb id.I have some query

  40. I have given only 1 round of interview on 13th December at ITS noida after that i did not get any mail and today i also got the same mail that…

    Dear Candidate,

    We would like to thank you for participating in the TCS Off Campus drive and this is to inform you that offer letters for all the selected candidates are being released in phases and the first phase for the same has been completed today.

    Heartiest congratulations from TCS Team to all the selected candidates who have received their offer letters in phase1. We request the remaining candidates to kindly keep checking their mails and campus commune for further updates on their status.

    what does it mean? am i rejected??

    • Even my friends who couldn’t clear their TR, MR rounds have received the same email. Now I guess, we might haven’t cleared the final round of an Interview i.e HR

    • I also give the interview on 13 in its noida, I also didn’t get any mail after for further interviews. What does it mean

  41. Dear Candidate, We would like to thank you for participating in the TCS Off Campus drive and this is to inform you that offer letters for all the selected candidates are being released in phases and the first phase for the same has been completed today. Heartiest congratulations from TCS Team to all the selected candidates who have received their offer letters in phase1. We request the remaining candidates to kindly keep checking their mails and campus commune for further updates on their status.
    Now, this is all very confusing!! they could have notified if one is selected or not and then, ask him to wait for further updates if selected

  42. hello sir,
    i am from Delhi/NCR region my Technical interview held on 13 dec 2015 at ITS Greater noida, and my MR and HR Round held on 17 dec 2015 at tcs gurgaon location and has been successfully completed MR there can u please tell me when the final result will be announced and There is any chance of my to be selected in tcs??

    • Hi Ravi,
      This Year, TCS is announcing the result in various phases.Don’t Panic, If you have cleared all the rounds, You would receive the Offer Letter. Till the end of this week, All those who are selected and rejected would get the confirmation via mail. So Please keep on checking your mail.
      Good Luck.

      • sir i have one friend received offer letter.The office in which he took interview ,i also took interview in same office at same time.But i didnot receieve any offer letter but got mail regarding keep check ur sir please tell me whether i am selected or not?


      • Hello sir.TCS off campus was conducted at karpagam university on july2016.the results were not yet announced still now.will they announce it or not.

  43. got my offer letter today..those who got the mail, go to the and login then download your offer letter.

  44. TCS Recruitment Admin


    Result is published in sorted way based on your name, so it will be available to all selected candidates in 3 phases.

    The mail reffered in above comments is sent to everyone who appeared in any of the round, so don’t make any inference from it.

    All i can say is hope for the best.

    • Thank you sir/madame.. Now I feel bit relaxed, was depressed after receiving such mail which contained some vague information regarding our final results.

      your response is appreciated

    • sir i have one friend received offer letter.The office in which he took interview ,i also took interview in same office at same time.But i didnot receieve any offer letter but got mail regarding keep check ur sir please tell me whether i am selected or not?

  45. i think they are not announcing the result according to name …i.e. List is not shorted by name …

  46. TCS Recruitment Admin

    @Deepak, Thanks for your kind information. Hope you will crack the algorithm for sending offer letter.

  47. Sir/mam,
    How can i extend the joining date of tcs?? maximum to maximum kb tak delay kr skte hain if i don’t complete aspire test till april?? june-july 2016?? Is it possible? plz reply..

  48. Sir they told that they wil sent result in is there any chance of getting offer letter???

  49. when will the results of 2nd and 3rd phases be announced

  50. @sober ..I attended technical round at Noida and MR and HR at TCS Gurgaon. I successfully cleared all the round but still did not received offer letter till now.

  51. hello sir,
    Can you please tell me what is the expected date of 2nd phase result announced by tcs?

  52. what is this message is saying…..TCS
    Dear Candidate,

    We would like to thank you for participating in the TCS Off Campus drive and this is to inform you that offer letters for all the selected candidates are being released in phases and the first phase for the same has been completed today.

    Heartiest congratulations from TCS Team to all the selected candidates who have received their offer letters in phase1. We request the remaining candidates to kindly keep checking their mails and campus commune for further updates on their status.

  53. sir,

    I got the offer letter and i accepted it but I am not getting about certification details can you please help me to know about certification details.

  54. TCS Recruitment Admin


    2nd phase batch result is generated and communicated last night.

    Candidates interviewed at Bangalore, Pune, Nagpur and Delhi/NCR were included in list.

    Chances of 3rd batch is either today or Monday post 11 AM.

  55. TCS Recruitment Admin

    In phase 1, candidates from Hyderabad were present.
    Not sure about region-wise offered candidate because regional offices of Talent Aquisition batches the offer letter to selected candidates which again goes through normalization phases.

  56. sir please give me a friend received offer letter.I also gave the interview in same office at same time in which he gave.But i didnot receive any offer letter but got mail regarding keep check your mail.Whether I am selected or not?

  57. are they sending mail today also…i am checking it from morning…my friends got offer letter ..and hope i will also get it

  58. On what basis they are dividing candidates as phases ?….please reply

  59. What about Kolkata region sir??

  60. i think they are announcing results according to region because my friends got offer letters whose starting letters are A,S,R . so i think they announced hyderabad region results .

  61. I received the offer letter from TCS around 1 PM today. I am from Kochi.

  62. did anyone receive offer letter today from delhi/ncr

  63. Hello sir,
    I m from delhi ncr region and i had given HR round in tcs Gurgaon on 17 dec and I did’ t get the offer letter from tcs. Did there is any chance of getting letter in 2nd or 3rd phase.
    Please tell me

  64. i m frm delhi .i had given the hr round in tcs noida on 17th.i have recvd an email saying keep checkn ur email fr status updates but not recvd the offer lettr all round went long this whole process of sending offr lettrs will take.and want to that is the phase 2 results has been declared or not?

  65. Hello sir,
    I am shweta kumari from bangalore. My interview was on 19 dec and i completed hr round but still i did not get offer letter. Sir is there any chance to get offer letter in next phase?

  66. When can we expect phase-2 final round results of Hyderabad location….??

  67. i have completed my all rounds in banglore on 19th december,i attended all the rounds TR,MR,HR.,bu i haven,t got my offer letter or any rejection mail, what are he chances for the next round,please any one tell me

  68. Sir,I had my technical and hr round in Kolkata.Some of my friends have got ol but I didn’t.So kindly reply sir shall I keep any hope or not.My intervie was on 16th at Kolkata venue.

  69. does anyone got a rejection mail?

  70. Sir please reply if there is any hope left for me?I had my interview on 16th December in Kolkata and had given both technical and HR round…please reply sir if there remains any hope?

  71. Sir/madam, is any chances to get offer letter for hyderabad region candidate in third phase…

  72. any idea about kolkata region?

  73. @swati,ur friends who got offer letter took interview in same office in which u ?

  74. They will do elimination in hr plzz reply

  75. Sir
    I gave my interview in Hyderabad region .all my frnds got offer I I should wait for phase 2 or lose hope

  76. Is phase two completed ?? When will they start phase 3 ??

  77. NCR people, everybody got offer letter or not???
    My interview(MR and HR )was in gurgaon on 16/dec/2015,, anybody have an idea on what basis phases are divided?

  78. @sober..yes ..same ofc and same day

  79. sir,
    I am Hyderabad region, I have not receive my offer letter in phase I .so can I select are not. Please reply me

  80. @deepika ,i m also frm an ncr regn i havn’t got an offer lettr yt .my intrvw mr and hr was on noida tcs office on 17th.

  81. the Last piece of cake is for the best one lets hope for the best.

  82. Hello Sir,
    I am selim from Bangalore. I have completed the HR round of TCS Off campus drive on 19th December, 2015. But still now i have not get offer letter. Sir is there any chance to get offer letter in the next phase.
    Thank you

  83. TCS Recruitment Admin

    Three phases of sending result are completed today evening – probably one more batch of result should come for regions where written/interviewed was not scheduled and 1 more phase for region where test was reacheduled.
    So, those who have not received any information can wait till Monday night. After that there shouldn’t be anything to declare.

    • sir, all the three phases are complete??

    • No offence impersonater, but I highly doubt that you even represent TCS, I mean can they lower their standards so much that you even can’t frame a sentence properly or grammatically justify the sentences that you right. One more thing the info that you provide is completely vague. People have put a lot of hope on the coming phases and all you have done is provide baseless info by telling that allthe rounds are over.

      Get a life……LOOSER

      • I agree how three phases can be over during weekends and holidays I am doubtful

      • Superb bro I am also thinking same about the admin

      • TCS Recruitment Admin

        I do not know english Acebreacher – if you want to see some good english do refer some classic books 😉 … And i never claimed anything that i am from TCS – did I??
        However, folks here found my information correct that’s it. I know you are frustrated and that’s why you are showing. Don’t worry kiddy – may you get success.

    • sir i gave interview for hr in aurangabad ..which was resecheduled friends get offer letter.can i expect it to come on monday night? please reply sir…

      • TCS Recruitment Admin

        Hey, all kind of personal info is not with me. I do know about the schedule or max cut-off and that’s Monday evening.

    • Sir I am from kerala region . I had attended interview on 11th dec. Is there any chance of getting mail on monday?? Or all the phases are over

      • TCS Recruitment Admin

        Perhaps NO – The result of southern regions are tightly coupled in terms of number of expected new joinees. The delay beyond 8 days means chances are less. However with till you get any intimation.

  84. Tarun Kumar
    I have cleared the the written test held on 2 december 2015 in jaipur.also cleared the TR held in greater noida on december 13.after that i have cleared the MR held in gurgaon on december 17.after that I have appeared for the final HR round on the same day in gurgaon.and waiting for the final results.
    can i know that have those final results of the selected candidates been declared or not till december 27 2015.
    if yes,how can i get it either i am selected or not?
    can any one provide responsible answer of my question?

  85. Dear sir/mam
    I have cleared the the written test held on 2 december 2015 in jaipur.also cleared the TR held in greater noida on december 13.after that i have cleared the MR held in gurgaon on december 17.after that I have appeared for the final HR round on the same day in gurgaon.and waiting for the final results.
    can i know that have those final results of the selected candidates been declared or not till december 27 2015.
    if yes,how can i get it either i am selected or not?
    can any one provide responsible answer of my question?

  86. Anybody from Kolkata region who gave interview on 17th got offer letter??

  87. phase 3 result is declared or one has to wait till 9pm tonight .?
    what about the rejection mail sir ?

  88. Is anyone from nagpur get offer letter.

  89. @Sonali I’m from kolkata and gave interview on 17th still not get offer letter.

  90. I am from NCR region, I have given my technical interview on 13th Dec. After that no information about mr and hr. Will it means am rejected

  91. Is there any assurance of informing the candidate about the selection or rejection till a limited date?

    are all the candidates informed about the results of 17 december gurgaon interview?

  92. I agree how three phase gt over during weekends and holidays

    • TCS Recruitment Admin

      IT doesn’t have end of the day – what do you think if OL is created by human or anyone sends them manually? Come on ..

  93. Can any one please tell me about Certiification Deatils?

  94. TCS Recruitment Admin

    No information will be sent for rejected candidates..

  95. can anyone tell me when phase 2 results with be announced?????? on what basis phase 1 results are announced?????

    • TCS Recruitment Admin

      24th evening around 10PM, 2nd phase ended. Post that 2 batches already completed.
      Now whatever will happen will happen on Monday.

  96. TCS Recruitment Admin

    I feel here are some language concious folks who do care about english than the information. Special sympathy to them. Stay blessed – well ending my note with signing off from blog page – i need a break.
    Good Luck

  97. if u are very mch into tcs and u r d admin u shuld also know d basis on whch they are delevrn d letters

  98. all the phases are completed?? please reply me …

  99. Sir/Mam
    Is in 3rd phase 17 december gurgaon interview included or not?
    Till when the 3rd phase will get completed?
    I still did not get the information about the results?
    should i wait more or not?

  100. any one receivesd offer later from pune region.

  101. i have cleared the written test of tcs and i participated in technicial ,managerial round and also HR round held on 20th december.but still i didn’t get any confirmation .am i selected or not.please Reply shortly.

  102. sir ,
    did the phases of releasing results based on our DT id’s ?please reply me sir.

  103. Phase 2 and phase 3 results are yet to come….for clarification call helpline num in next step portal or hr num frm your interview details mail…… Dnt believe in the fraud postings….

  104. no, friends, wait till january 1st week, there is a bit delay. I have been in contact with a senior manager in tcs

    • Mr.sandeep,is it the correct info that u have provided? Is there any chance of getting offer letter after Monday?

      • yes, priyanka. He too does not know the reason for the delay as he was expecting all results to come out within 24-25 december, but,he ensured me that the 2nd phase is up for january 1st week and the number of call ups is higher than the 1st phase

    • hoo thnq a lot sandeep for providing that information.its helps a lot ,once again thnq you.and if you guys knw any other updates post on campus commune rather than this blogger

  105. if anyone has a number please add it that we can contact them…

  106. Toll-free no 1800-209-3111

  107. I am really confused how tcs can put so many candidates on hold after HR round.This time they were supposed to hire in mass.If anyone has idea how many they recruit fRom a particular region.and if chances are there they can reject even after HR round????

  108. I have talked on the toll free contacts.they said to wait till the end of this week.they will definitly send the conformation main on the corresponding mail ids even the candidate got selected or wait till this week end.

    • Even I spoke with the talent acquisition Hyderabad region management. They have confirmed that there are only two phases and the phase 2 results will be declared in the 1st week of January….. till then chill up folks

  109. I am very scared abt my deselction 🙁

  110. Sir

    Can you please tell that when will be the joining letters are issued

  111. How many are here who are waiting for letter aftr Hr in Lucknow???

  112. what about bangalore, has anyone got any details/offer letter for phase 2?

  113. is anyone receive offer letter from pune..?i want to know all phases are completed or not?is there any chance of getting offer letter after Hr in pune location upto 1st week of jan?

  114. any body got offer letter from pune location on monday ?is there any chance of getting offer letter in 1st week of jan for pune location?

  115. Guys I created a group in fb for those who got offer please give me request.
    Group name:TCS DEC_2015 BATCH

  116. Any one who gave their Hr at Thane (Maharashtra)?? Have you recieved your offer letter??

  117. I hvnt got any response from tcs .I have given my interview in Lucknw

  118. Chinmoy Chatterjee

    In 1st phase those who got offer letter they are all from 12:30 slot??

  119. Still not got nay sort of information guys………..(17 deceber interview gurgaon TR,MR,HR all three).

  120. I am so confused that all phases completed or not.. Some say completed some say second phase remaining????

  121. I m frm pune,my intrvw ws scheduled on 19th Dec (tr and hr rounds) but didn’t gt offer letter yet. Does anyone gt offer letter whose intrvw scheduled fr the same or anyone frm Pune region

  122. I also give interview on 19th dec in pune but didnt get offer letter??

  123. I also gave interview on 19th dec in pune but didnt get offer letter??

  124. the results will be declared in this week itself only,may be tmrw…

  125. @naveen r u sure??

  126. level of ambiguity is increasing right has been 13 days for information about the results.
    have anyone any relevant information regarding gurgaon interview on december 17?
    if yes then please clear it.

  127. have anyone any relevant information regarding the results gurgaon interview on december 17?
    if yes then please clear it.

  128. Dear sir/mam,

    I am still in confusion please clarify.
    I got same email on 24th eve …that check ur email regularly…. I have participated TR held in greater Noida on 13 th. Should I wait for MR/HR…? Please suggest.. 🙁

  129. hello Sir,

    I am still in confusion , please clarify. I got same email on 24th eve. “thanku for participating..check ur email…”. I have completed TR held in Greater noida on 13th. Should I wait for MR/HR..? Please Suggest me.. 🙁

  130. Bro we all of us are talented it’s not easy for all graduates to reach the last phase don’t worry we will be in tcs and we will have a blast in 2016. I think tommorow might be our results.
    Advance happy new year

  131. Dear Rakesh,

    Same to u and thanks for reply.

    Actually I come to know there is any chances for mr/hr. Or should try for other off campus or walkin ??

    • Ankur I don’t know it perfectly but do you have any confirmation that after tr there is no hr round from your colellege for anybody , if it is yes you have more chances but if its no………

  132. When Will I expect joining letter? I selected in phase 1

  133. Hello can any one give me the reply…I belongs to hyderabad

  134. sir
    please clarify the suspense of the final round results if the gurgaon interview 17 december of TCS.should us wait more or not? if yes then till when? we are getting ambiguous and excited.please provide any relevant information about the results.

  135. Happy new year guys n girls..

  136. Hello guys. I want to know that after MR round they send me back. So is there any hope that I still get selected?

  137. I also give interview on 17th dec in gurgaon but didnt get offer letter…my few frds get their offer letter on 24

  138. First time in my life seeing repeatedly campus communes and this website for any positive news of OL
    ANY HOW happy new year guys cool let’s rockkkkkkkkkkkkk

  139. On the nextStep portal they are showing feedback link.. When are they going to announce next phase results god only knows. Everybody keeps asking about results tired of answering them. Has anyone mailed TCS regarding this? I have but they haven’t replied.

  140. Everybody please send a mail to your region’s TCS talent acquisition team and ask them when will they announce second phase results.

  141. Is anyone got mail after 24 december ? When will phase 2 results are declare ?

  142. No mail till now

  143. If anyone get mail of phase 2 result kindly do not forget to comment here becoz some may get mail some may that one actually comes to know about the idea of their selection or rejection..and personally I feel that phase 2 will be the final result..

  144. no results till date for the nagpur slot held on19th dec2015

  145. I want to know that after TR round they said you can leave for the day. So is there any hope that I still get selected??

  146. Hi All,

    Do anyone get any updates on the Interview Results after 24th December ? Please reply..


  147. Is anyone from lucknow region??

  148. I called on tcs helpline number…they said wait for sometime…

  149. means result aaj declare ho skta hai/?

  150. Dear Sir,
    I cleared my TR, MR and HR held on 20th December in Mumbai region.
    On 24th December i received the mail about the 1st phase and have been told to check the mail.
    When will the results be declared for phase 2 or any phases after phase 1?

  151. @ankur about result

  152. Paulami Bhattacharya

    Sir,I already got offer letter on 24th.I am from kolkata region.When can i expect my joining letter???And are star certificate necessary?

  153. Finally second phase results out got offer letter today………..

  154. really 2nd phse released??!!

  155. Is there any aspire test before joining. And when will I get joining letter? Does anyone have any I got offer letter on 24 Dec.

  156. are phase 2 results out????

  157. @dhanush. which region you belong to???

  158. Today nobody got mails. They said it will come in end of this week.

  159. Guys…Cool !!!! results will be announced after 1 or 2 months…because they are announcing in PHASES..they will take some time

  160. Any idea about the joining??i got offer letter on 24th dec.

  161. Any idea about joining date?i got offer letter on dec 24th.

  162. I had called the toll free number and they are saying all result of phase 2 either selection or rejection will be published by fri this week.

  163. Hey is 2nd phase results out??Dhanush u really got ur offer by phase2?

  164. Do everyone filled the feedback form in nextstep portal?

  165. Yep..Sahina….i filled ..i dnt know about others…wat abt u?
    is there any condition that only if feedback frms filled…only then we get offer letter ….??????????????

  166. TCS Recruitment Admin

    I am observing that people are still hopeful about result. It’s crazy. No one knows the meaning of phases – phase doesn’t mean week or month, it’s either hours, a day or two and that’s concluded on 26th Dec. Now there are still some chance for some lucky people if folks offered will not accept it due to any other reason. Apart from this forget the episode and move ahead. Don’t fool yourself by chasing HR and calling helpline.
    They have templated answer and will give you same response or no response.

  167. Got OL today noida region

  168. Hello admin..
    I don’t understand y do u want to depress those who has been hopefully waiting for the results.okay may be what u have been telling is correct..leave it na..y r u always making negative comments and playing with the feelings of others.does it fetch u anything???? or making sense???..ufff..crazy..

    • TCS Recruitment Admin

      uff crazy, playing with feeling 😉 … Lol isn’t sounding like comment posted by Alia Bhatt of this page.. Well if my comments doesn’t suits you ignore pls.
      No need to piss off – keep waiting.And please don’t represent all folks of the page with your generic comment – those not agree can post by themself.
      Chill and prepare for another opportunity – no need to think about something not in ur control. Again don’t be in category of people who are still waiting for Wipro’s drive result where status was null and people waited for 4 months.

    • Very nice laxman

  169. I got offer letter on 24th dec.plzz tell me about expected date of joining..

    • TCS Recruitment Admin

      ILP joining will be dependent on your performance in ASPIRE. The portal will be visible in soon for selected candidates.Gear up for that and score good.

  170. I guess they will arrange for 2016 batch offcampus, thereafter they will announce results. And moreover I got a mail from college containing list of students got selected for TCS. I have mailed them back about this phase process.
    I will update as soon as they mail me.

  171. My friend got offer letter yesterday at 7:17pm …… the phase 2 result out…….or not…..

  172. can anyone tell me where is feedback form in the next step portal?…

  173. I just called to toll free no regarding result they are not telling when they are going to release offer letter..!!

  174. Hello tcs Admin after a lot of days what are your updates
    who told you that phase 2 was released. If you have any official information do share but not your false comments

  175. TCS Recruitment Admin

    Why don’t you ask from folks who have received their OL ? Just ask date and time when they received the letter. You will understand what is the meaning of batch.

    It started from 24th Dec Evening and concluded on 26th Dec evening. None received letter before and after that. Official information no one will give – only few lucky will get email about selection (because of someone not accepting offer – personal choice). Rejection letter is not compulsory always.

  176. Dont listen to him guys..its a fake comment..
    Y wud tcs recruitment team come and comment here..
    Also whatever he is saying doesnt make sense.
    Dont believe any1 until there is official confirmation.

  177. Who told rejection mail is not compulsory I got rejection mail from tcs for the last time off campus held on feb 2015
    No one got ol on 26 Dec

  178. its matter of dis week we will get all updates selection or rejection.

  179. Let’s hope for the best..All of us..

  180. if you looking for feedback in mobile you wont in PC you will send down after track my application link..

  181. you will find in home page down after track my application and how to apply link

  182. My Dear Admin,
    If all of us commenting here and waiting for results are wasting time then why are you showing such concern for us. You are also wasting your time here. If u really concern about us they ask TCS to send us a rejection mail, if all process is over. Now please don’t comment that how u can ask this to TCS coz if TCS can share this information to you then you can sujjest them for our betterment coz u r regularly telling us to try for other drives.

  183. Also we don’t need uor suggestions all of us are trying for our better future and we will acheive it. So, if u can’t help us then don’t give uor suggestions. And you tell me one thing why will TCS lie to us if all phases are over.

    • TCS Recruitment Admin

      Welcome to the world of lies…i.e. IT companies. If selected you will always hear new lies from manager, senior managers, HR.. Dont believe it..well u will realize soon.
      Why TCS fired 15000 employees by lying that they are underperformers.
      Better to focus on another drive.
      Or else page is open for you all – keep commenting, keep guessing. And the person who said none got OL on 26th – need not verify here…

  184. Guys this tcs Admin I don’t know he belongs to tcs or not comment him if anyone got ol on 26 if yes or not.

  185. Guys,my sister is an HR in TCS. She has said that the 2nd phase result is yet to be released. So don’t worry. This is a fake TCS admin.

  186. 17 december gurgaon interview attended all three rounds(TR,MR,HR).But still not got informed via any sources?why such so late about TCS?

  187. Yes the 2nd phase result is yet to be released. Dont worry guys…

  188. Hi all , generally Tcs doesn’t take that much time for generating offer letter as everything is automated.But not sure if here is some issues for them. I am TCSer and taking interview for them since for last 3 years.HRs do not like to have their work pending more than a week .. But hope for positive and might be because of year end they might have some other stuffs on priority and releasing OL this week.

  189. I gave my technical on 22nd of December in vishakapatnam.result was not out yet.sir can u say when will we get result.

  190. Sahina
    have you authenticated information?from which sources?because so many days have been it’s looks so confusing.

    • I dnt have authenticated information. But yes some of my friends who are working in TCS said that they will call according to vacancies. 2nd phase is not yet released and since we got a mail in 24th where it is clearly mentioned to check our mails regularly so it is sure that they will send us mails even if we r rejected. Companies do take time to release results. But surely we will get mail. Dnt loose hope.

  191. TCS Recruitment Team


  192. HEY guys TCS 2nd PHASE Results are not declared so keep calm. Results will gonna be declared soon have fun till then

  193. Ya during last(march) recruitment some of my friends got ol nearly after a don’t worry guys..let’s hope for the best and from freshers world u can apply to other companies also..

  194. Second phase Results will be declared after February 2016 drive.Till then chill up folks..

  195. 17 december Hyderabad interview attended all three rounds(TR,MR,HR).
    My friend who is next to me for HR round got Offer letter from TCS.
    But still not got informed via any sources? is there any hopes to get selected???

  196. Still no mail

  197. yes waiting since 3 weeks after our interview and for to release 2nd phase this much time oh my god

  198. rejected

  199. why are you saying that sandeep??did you receive the regret mail??

  200. yes, probably. they meant the same stating ‘ur profile hasnot been found suitable for generic IT role within TCS ‘ and suggested to apply for internal IS role before jan 10 if I would like to. didn’t you all get any update yet?

    • Sandeep,u r from which region?plz tell..

    • yep..sandeep..I too get same mail….i would like to know about INTERNAL IS of group…and salary…do u have any idea?????? IS it BPO??????

      • It’s the technical term to customer care executive post!! U will sit and handle calls from clients, clarify any feature or dispute and bring upon the trust on TCS, that’s all on internal IS!! They are going to underpay you, Harsha

  201. @sandep
    you are from which region??
    are you reject ?
    i did n”t get any mail till now

  202. Sandeep,u r from which region?plz tell

  203. bhubaneswar

  204. Sandeep,u gave interview from which region?i am asking u becos i gave interview in kolkata region and still hv not recieved such type of mail…so plz tell..

  205. Do u get any kind of update in your nextstep profile i.e. campus commune?

  206. currently, I am down in internet speeds, I will check campus commune tomorrow morning and inform you

  207. Those who did not get any mail or notification in portal till now…are they rejected?? Please comments..

  208. Didn’t get ny notification in portal

  209. hai friends,
    i checked in tcsnextstep. I got this message.

    Greetings from TCS!

    We regret to inform you that you have not cleared the TCS selection process.
    All the best guys

  210. Got rejection mail…..worried a lot

  211. I am sorry Naveen but when did you receive the mail from TCS

  212. naveen u belong to which region and did u hv cleared all rounds!!!and did u got d mail statn to apply for any otjr generic role

  213. Rejected hyd region

  214. Finally TCS ADMIN right Looks like TCS prepared rejected candidates on january 2, check notifications in nextstep app you will get all the best folks wasted 2 weeks of valuable time….

  215. anyone from Lucknow here plz reply abt notification##

  216. is that true ,some of you got rejection mail ?i have no such mails till now,i am from bengaluru region.

    • me too.
      I have heard that 1 one of my friend have got rejection mail, but he is a big liar.
      So, I am not sure whether he is telling truth or not.

      I am from bangalore region, given interview on 20th December.
      I have cleared all round— TR+MR+HR
      Doesn’t got any mail till now.

  217. Yes tcs sent me also rejection mail with date jan2.
    After a long wait great dissapointment.

  218. guys peopl hv got rejection and offer lttr both ths week but not from all regions 🙁 we can nly wait or jus leav waitn fr thm…

  219. It sent me rejection mail as a notification in tcs

  220. I haven’t received anything yet. I am from Pune region. Is there anyone from Pune who has got any kind of mail/notification from tcs.
    I am getting very anxious. There’s nothing in my mail and on nextstep portal.

  221. Not got ny such mail

  222. @rakesh when u got such mail?

  223. All of u check your tcs web portal.

  224. All check your tcs nextstep notification

  225. Rakesh u got notification of rejection? where do u get the notification?in campus commune?!

  226. and more thing how was ur interview?

  227. Those who got rejection mail u ppl cleared all the rounds?

  228. They send rejection msg in notification.
    Open nextstep in mobile there is a notification link.
    They send rejection mgses after each phase last offcampus held in feb. But not recieved this time hoping i am still in their list.
    Check ur notification

  229. No notification yet

  230. no notification yet… pichle bar ka hai

  231. @sonali sahoo and sahina u both r from whicq region

  232. I gave my interview on 18 dec
    I did well in interview also but lost
    I think tcs has missed a great engineer like me bad luck tcs.
    It was there in next stepportLal. Open it in pc you can see that track my status is missing there they displayed that sorry greetings
    If you open tcs app you can see it in notification symbol
    All the best guys try your luck finally my wait is over

  233. Sahina and sonali wait for result both of u r still in their waiting list.

  234. :srinivas I m from Kolkata


  236. I am from kolkata

  237. so finally there is no 2nd phase.. remaining is only rejection mails

  238. yes no second phase
    i also got rejection mail

  239. who said that srinivas?

  240. no one said that. i’m only saying that because everyone is getting rejection mail but not offer letters…

  241. Srinivas, did you get the rejection mail?

  242. but when they have ability to send rejection mail at a time to everyone. Why are they sending it to some students only.

  243. anyone from kolkata region got any mail of rejection or selection..plz reply

  244. is there anyone from delhi ncr who has got any notification about selection or rejection?

  245. is there anyone who got selection or rejection from hyderabad region?

  246. I too got rejected……mines was an excellent intrvw even the intrwr assured to me that I’m gng to be selected..we had discussions abt projects and a lot more…nearly had an 1hr intrvw..and also had an decent HR intrvw…haha I really dnt knw on wat basis they r selecting candidates..but I’m hpy as I cracked other company offering guys dnt worry try for other..u vl get good n better job with better package than tcs..all the best..I’m frm hyd region..

  247. laxman when u get the rejection mail?

  248. Anyone from 18th december interviews got rejection mail?

  249. Rejection means what mail u got just share…

  250. i gave my interview on 18th but i didn’t get any mail

  251. there is some guy who got selection mail on 24th dec.. he gave his interview on 18th… now i am really confused about this phase system

  252. i too get the same confusion.. Because i too think phases are based on dates.. 12,13 one phase nd 17,18 r 2nd phase but now i am really confused

  253. I gave interview on 18th dec but, didn’t receive any mail or notification yet. Why don’t they just release all the results. I am tired of waiting.

  254. I gave interview on 17th….no mail yet….

  255. Open ur profile in tcs next step portal.. there will be a notification (bell) symbol at the right corner of ur home on it…I accessed it in mobile..

  256. I had my interview on 18 dec at hyderabad..

  257. There it shows no documents present.

  258. I didn’t find that notification when I opened in my PC.I found it when I opened in tcs next step app through mobile..check accordingly..

  259. Ya i checked on app. It shows no documents present.

  260. Hiii laxman…….did u got mail regarding rejection…..

  261. I checked in both mobile and pc… I didn’t find any documents in notification

  262. I gave interview on 19th dec in Bangalore and received mail on 24 that i ll get result in 2nd phase but till now not got any mail…

  263. I gave interview on 19th dec in
    Bangalore and received mail on 24
    that i ll get result in 2nd phase but
    till now not got any mail…
    anyone tell me 2nd phase completed or not..??

  264. I also waiting for result. Hope for best

  265. I also got rejection notification but the date on that is 11 April 2015.

  266. has anyone from delhi ncr got any notification about selection or rejection?

  267. Hey friends Phase 2 result is not declared yet.
    I raised A ticket in helpline and got a response mail
    “A mail communication will be sent out to all applicable students when phase 2 results are declared”
    So just chill….

  268. Same msg … Date 11 April 2015 and 18 April … What does dis mean

  269. sameer 11 april 2015 notification is for feb drive, it was showing in my profile too so dont wory your result is still awaited like others

    • yes it is showing the date of April 18 and April 11, 2015 dates it is showing results of the drive conducted in February 2015

  270. Guys had a talk to talent TAT and they told that the 2nd phase results are still not out.

  271. i also received notification of date 11 april 2015…
    What its meaning???
    anyone get mail regarding results????????

  272. Anyone knows any number where we can talk to for result declaration….its like a month now….If anyone knows Reply me…I will contact them

  273. 022-67795910 – mumbai
    033-23406183 – kolkatha
    011-66506555- delhi
    044-66161111 – chennai
    080-67250001 – bangalore
    040-66672000 – hyderabad
    you can see for the rest in your campus commune page under the tab of contact us

  274. Yeah please contact Tcs team so that we can get the details of our results date.

  275. I hv contacted the HR team… branchwise all shortlisted candidates list hs been sent to main Chennai offcampus recuitment team..
    they are processing the second batch result and it will b declred in next 10 days
    till thn no blogs comment only if smne l gt result dn comment forget this blog post..

  276. can anyone tell me when the aspire test starts ?

  277. Can any one elaborate the last date till we all can hope for the interview results?


  279. Keep ur patience guys.

  280. forget tcs. .

  281. Is the phase two result is announced for Bangalore region???

  282. Hello guys, Still now there is no notification regarding to TCS 2nd phase result. I know it’s has taken more time but have patience and think positive. We all gave our best in interview and now also this is the time where we should do our best and have positive thinking till the result will be announced. Guys I think they will announce the result region wise.

    Hoping for the best

  283. come on ,make aware about the last date till we can hope for interview results. its going too impatient to wait any more specially when its come the turn about TCS.Can any one tell us that till when should us wait?

  284. we have to wait till 1st week of feb.

  285. Hai 2 all here anyone plz say me whats d content in your rejection mail plz share it in which way dey send

  286. There are 3 phases of result. I got to know by Senior manager.

  287. He said that the results are with the regional HR. They will send those results to head office from where it gets published. That’s the main reason for delay.

  288. Results of 2nd phase are out

  289. one friend got phase 2 result today around 12 :20 PM at Kolkata

  290. Hiiiiii guys, I am happy to inform you that phase 2 result has been announced by TCS of kolkata region. They are announcing the result region wise.
    Gud luck

  291. wait is still on for Lucknow

  292. what about delhi NCR?

  293. what about bengaluru region

  294. any one from hyderabad got phase 2 result??

  295. I am from Kolkata.. I didn’t get any result..Is phase 2 result are completed ? or am i rejected?

  296. Is any one from pune region got 2nd phase result?

  297. Guys, if anyone from kolkata region , wait for the result because 2nd phase result hasn’t been completed. They will send notification whether you rejected or selected.

  298. anyone from hyderabad got any notification?

  299. Want Offer Letter

    Ayone got offer letter from Pune region whose interview happened at Zeal College of Engineering & Research, on 18 Dec, 2015.

  300. i am from kolkata region..please tell me 2nd phase result has been completed or not.??

  301. I did not get any mail

  302. anyone from maharashtra or pune region got 2nd phase result ..??

  303. If anyone get d results or any mails frm pune region or sangli kindly post in blog..

  304. I gave my interview at Zeal college, Pune on 18th dec. I haven’t received offer letter yet. I know many of my friends from this college who haven’t received anything yet.

  305. hello,Anyone from Delhi/NCR got offer Letter?
    if anyone knows about 2nd phase result ,kindly inform on this blog…
    Thank you

  306. I have given interview in zeal college on 18 dec. but not received offer letter yet….

  307. Phase 2 result for Bangalore region is out or not?

  308. I have also given interview from zeal college.
    My interview was 19th.
    I saw one guy who selected from zeal clg shared his experiance at his interview date was 18th.
    He recieved offer later in first phase…

  309. I have also given interview from zeal college.
    My interview was 18th.
    One my friend got offer later and one friend rejection mail.but I didn’t got any mail

    • relax guys. the TCS 2nd phase results are not out yet. I called the TCS office in bangalore , kolkata and delhi and everywhere they confirmed that 2nd phase results have not been announced yet and they will do so by the last week of january. i gave my interview in kolkata branch btw. And they also confirmed that they will send a mail to you irresepective of whether you got selected or not to confirm your position and will not leave us hanging in the dark.

    • In which phase your friend got offer letter.? And when your another friend got rejection mail??

  310. Hello guyzzz, you can share your information about 2nd phase result on FB page “elitmus preparation 2014”, many students are sharing information about result.

  311. Hi All,

    Please see result in below link. Please open in chrome for better resolution.

  312. one of my who gave interview on 16 dec in aurangabad , received her joining date

  313. when is her joining date prajakta?

    • 1 feb at trivandrum

      • Hi prajakta

        Was she part of the tcs off campus drive conducted by talent acquisition group in decemeber 2015? She didn’t take up the aspire test series? Please furnish these details.

        Thanks in advance

      • Hi prajakta

        Was she part of the tcs off campus drive conducted by talent acquisition group in decemeber 2015? She didn’t take up the aspire test series? Please furnish these details.

        Thanks in advance

  314. My interview was also on 18th at zeal college but no mail or notification yet.

  315. Ny one from Kolkata region still waiting?

  316. Any more hope for the kolkata candidates?

  317. Yes I am also waiting
    from kolkata region

  318. anyone from pune waiting for result..??

  319. tcs_phase2_waiting

    any one from gave interview on 16 dec tcs 63 noida yet waiting for result ???

  320. When is the aspire test starting for selected candidates?

  321. When ur friend got offer letter Prajakta?

  322. anyone from delhi waiting for result???

  323. Unfortunately, bad news for all. I had talk to an official at chennai office. He said the recruitment process is over and you should not wait further,, and he cut the line……

  324. When u login with ur reference ID in Tcs-nextstep ‘app’ it shows in notification April,2015’s status of recruitment. Does anyone hv same status as mine ?

  325. Any one from kerala region waiting for the results?

  326. Don’t believe on any information that may be wrong until you get any mails from TCS.
    Hope for the best

  327. Anyone call the toll free number..? I called but no1 z responding nymore

  328. I called toll free no they said “pls wait…even if u r rejected then also u will get email”

  329. yep i called and they said “that’ll be in the january end” as i asked the time for second phase results (mumbai region)

  330. Any chances for kolkata region?

  331. Yes I called.They told to wait .2nd phase results are still pending.I am from Kolkata region

  332. HI…
    I am from Hyd region……my Frnzzz got Joining Letters also…they are going to attend training in hyd and chennai….
    i think phases are completed..wats ur opinion ..???

  333. now, I think what TCS admin was saying, was absolutely correct. TCS has made all of us fool by making rumours about phases

  334. Guys, it’s the same thing as “Many heads Many minds “but reality is that we all are making assumption may be right or wrong. Here only Negative comments do disappoint us so think positive.

  335. JL to all itis ppl has been given. Its admin ppl were remaining who are given JL in II Phase.
    ~Confirmed from Campus commune.

  336. Prakash didn’t get what you are saying. Can you explain?

  337. I have been slected on 11 nov and done with my all documentation, and verification. And still i didn’t receive anf joining letter. What the hell is happening

  338. candidates from engg background got their JL. Its time for Mgmt and admin background candidates.
    This is what they (TCS) call ‘branchwise’.

  339. prakash but you said that recruitment is over that true? itis profile plus assitant develpmnt are also given offer lettrs I guess

  340. plsss give me one proper information I donot get any notification any kind of mail nothing in my long I have to wait for my result…..!!!

  341. no one knows about results.. wait for the mail I would suggest..

  342. Hello frnds
    Currently I got offer letter from pune region. Thanks god. For all best luck

  343. Yes….!!
    Finally I got offer letter from Pune region. Filling Happyyyyy…..

  344. Finally after a long wait got offer letter 🙂

  345. Finally got offer letter today at 6.06 pm from karnataka(mysuru)

  346. Hopes are still alive guys !! Got the OL today, Have patience 🙂

  347. Avi, where did u give ur interview??

  348. Got OL !!!!
    ME branch
    date of interview 12/12

  349. Got OL @6.19pm….comp branch…
    pune…date of interview 19 dec

  350. got offer letter
    i am from hyderabad region
    i give interview on 18th of december
    thanks a lot

  351. got ol today.. date of interview 16 december lucknow region

  352. got ol today.. date of interview 16 december lucknow region

  353. I got OL
    Pune region

    Feeling happy

  354. Anyone from kolkata got ol??

  355. got ol today…. interview date 16 decmber lucknow region

  356. HASHhhh…. AFTER A LONG LONG WAIT THEY HAVE SENT THE OFFER LETTERS really happy and congrats all of you who got the same and my best wishes are with guys who are still waiting……

  357. Is anyone from lucknow region got OL

  358. i got ol…..
    feeling at cloud nine
    happy happy

  359. i am from bengaluru region got offer letter

  360. Nope sahina

  361. Got offer letter today from hyderabad

  362. anyone got offer letter from delhi ncr region ??

  363. finally me too got offer letter

  364. Is there anyone who without having any connection with java, got OL?

  365. Is anyone form Kolkata got ol? Does anyone form 18th dec interview got ol?

  366. Guyz, congrats you all got offer letter.. Kindly inform me you got offer letter via email or next step?

  367. anyone from kolkata waiting for OL????

  368. congratulations to all who got OL.

  369. Anyone who was interviewed on 16 dec gurgaon, got OL?

  370. Yes I’m from kolkata waiting for OL.

  371. anyone from dellhi who got ol??

  372. got offer letter from pune region…

  373. guyss who got ol congrats,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, me to got that

  374. i think we are cndidates of phase 2

  375. Guyz, anyone here who didn’t get any type of mail from TCS yet………… Only for those who r still waiting for result
    Kindly reply if anyone?????

  376. Do everyone got offer letter on 22nd or is there someone who got on 23rd ?

  377. I have given interview all the three stages on 20th dec on its engg college greater noida.after 24 dec there will no any mail from Tcs.waiting 4 result….

  378. I am from Kolkata region and I gave interview on 17th. Haven’t received the offer letter yet.
    Got the mail on 24th dec, 2015 which told me to wait and check mail regularly. Next batch offer letters are released on the 22nd of this month. So it’s almost after a month they released the 2nd batch. Will the remaining candidates have to wait for another one month to get the offer letter?
    *totally confused*

  379. guys , can any one give a clarity about “certification details ” in tcs next step .in

    whether i have to submit the certification details (in which stream i had already done ) or i have to do some certification courses before getting joining date. ples give response…………………..

  380. Guys my interview on 28jan in Lucknow .
    Pls Share your questions what they ask
    And who to give their answer

  381. Still waiting..Given interview in Lucknow in 16 Dec..

  382. Finally got offer letter….m from Kolkata region

  383. Got offer letter.. i am from kolkata… my interview was on 18th december..

  384. Got Offer letter..from delhi region

  385. got the offer letter from tcs (delhi ncr region)

  386. tcs_phase2_waiting

    i too got the offer letter from tcs (delhi ncr region)

  387. Congrats to all who got offer letter today

  388. got offer letter…..(kolkata 18th dec)…don’t wrry guyzz .u will get the offer very soon…just relax…obvio they are taking tym…but m sure…u ppl will get the offer letter….all d best….

  389. I have got Offer letter today from delhi region.
    Congratulations all

  390. Is it mandatory to take up aspire test?

  391. what do we need to do in certification details? can anybody explain…

  392. Nothing, If you have done any certification , Then Add this certification details in that…

  393. Finally, after a long long patience waiting, got my OL.

  394. My interview will be on 28th Jan.
    Anyone plz suggest what kind questions they ask

  395. Guyz……hope for the best.. Be positive..

  396. Got my offer letter on 25th , from kolkata

  397. anyone waiting for offer letter frm pune region???

  398. Anyone from mech engg got ol??

  399. Happy republican day (67th)
    Guyz…. Still waiting for offer letter from Delhi /NCR (Noida)

  400. Yes,Still waiting for result from kolkata region

  401. @Neha me too waiting for the result. My interview was on 18th Dec. at Kolkata. Btw is there still any hope or not?

  402. guys 2nd phase is not over yet… so have patience

  403. how can u say 2nd phase is not over yet???

  404. Finally!! Got offer letter on 25th Jan , from Kolkata region

  405. Anybdy from TN region? Any news??

  406. when will be the written exam (apps and email) results for tamilnadu and pondicherry region held on 23 jan ?
    any one knows pls say

  407. Anyone waiting yet from delhi/ncr region..interview held on 13 dec?
    If yes then plz inform that by which tym ‘ll get one.

  408. Anybdy frm TN region? Any updts??

    • @Viswa: Are you sure that chennai candidates (who attended interview by this feb, 2016) got selected and received their offer letter? If so, pl let me know when did they receive mail reg the same.

  409. I m also waiting.. didnt get any notification from their side. How long do we have to wait?

  410. me too waiting .. is there any chance for kolkata region?? or is the selection process over

  411. Any one tellmme abt joining details for 2nd phase offer letter recived
    from tcs on January 22.

  412. guyz,anyone here waiting for offer letter specially for Delhi/NCR (Noida)………

  413. Anyone got this type of mail that he/she is not fit for this profile but they apply for internal is services????

    • Before few days, I saw a candidate having same email from TCS. And he was telling that this email was for BPO…… So you should have confirmation is it BPO…… I think it is BPO

  414. finally over 1 month 5day they give a mail of regret…. this is very much disgusting….. an excellent interview Tr mr hr didnt help me to get a job.

    Tcs you have not a idea what u have done. i am waste many oppurtunity. the fault is yours. u is asia no.1 company.
    Thank you. for giving us a chutiya banaya

  415. Has anyone received rejection from kolkata region or for that matter from any region?

  416. Guyz…… After a long time…. Got my offer letter…. Thanks to God

  417. when?

  418. Pooja you receive that type of mail which I receive???

  419. hello sir,can u tell me when is the TCS offcampus for 2016 Batch going to be conducted?n hw many times a 2016 passed out student can appear for tcs offcampus 2016,please let me know the schedules
    thanku sir

    • I think 3 times you can apply for TCS 2016….. If you want to know about any query regarding Tcs off campus 2016 then go to page “elitmus preparation 2014 ” on FB where many students r talking about TCS 2016….

  420. i m also waiting ol…anychance for me recive ??

  421. guyz what is meant by stream preference .i dont know about this bcz am from electronics and instrumentation branch…….if anyone from ME or EC branch ,tell me what should i do..

  422. guyz,anyone here waiting for offer letter specially for Delhi/NCR (Noida)

  423. anyone know about certification tracker???
    is it mandatory to fill it?

  424. What is certification tracker and where we have to fill about that…

  425. I think it’s not mandatory.. Some students talking about this on FB… But not confirm it’s mandatory or not
    Kindly guide us who got their joining letter

  426. It is not mandatory… if u have done some certification programme like CCNA or Microsoft certified prog etc.. you can add the certificates there since it will give u advantage in training… otherwise it is not necessary…

  427. Do we have aspire tests?????

  428. Do we have aspire tests??

  429. Do we have aspire tests???

  430. Do we have aspire tests

  431. Guyz who got their joining letter have taken aspire test before joining letter?????

  432. No we dnt have aspire

  433. Acha people listen na we just need to accept offer letter or anything else we need to fill??

  434. I just accepted my offer letter and I didn’t done anything else is there anything else that should be done after accepting ofr ltr

  435. Guys now there’s no point of waiting for result of 2nd phase dos who all are waiting ,i think we should now move on and try for oder companies,i am from pune and i am deciding to go to bangalore as for freshers der are more chances to get placed as more drives are conducted der,Those who are willing to join me plz whats app me on 8087636799.

  436. guys, it is better idea to do,insted of sitting simply, but still we have a chance of getting offer, so don’t disappoint, be with patiency,….

  437. guys, i have a doubt , in tcs application ,i gave my college name as AUDISANKARA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING (which is suggested by my tpo while filling),,,,,,but actual name in certificates is AUDISANKARA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, is it gets any problem at the time of joining,,,,,
    please , can any one give quick reply,,,,,,,,

  438. Sir

    Still i didn’t get any mail from TCS regarding my result. I don’t have clarification whether i am selected or not.please give me clarification about my result

  439. Got offer letter yesterday

  440. Whether we can select the stream what we want to work

  441. guyz…anyone can send me the information about documents required at the time of joining ILP.
    where i can find the format of all documents…..
    my email

  442. All the documents that should be required at the time of joining are mentioned in offer letter and i think in that we don’t need work permit

  443. Guys I hav got ol on 22 Jan.My friends who got ol on 24Dec hav ther joing on 28March means we shuld expct jl aftr March?????or before that???if smbdy of 22Jan got jl plz reply????

    • I think you don’t know…. There are many students who got their offer letter on 24th dec and 14th Jan, got their joining letter also (joining date 1 Feb at trivenduram)…. So I think it’s will take no more time… Have patience

  444. u r nt gettn wat I m askn I am sayn those who got ol on 22 Jan ..whn expct to gt jl???

  445. Those who got older on 25th Jan ny one of dem got jl?? Please guys keep informing if u ppl get jl

  446. *offer letter I meant

  447. Anyone Still waiting for the result??
    Can anyone tell me,Is the selection process is over or not?

  448. is there any one received BGC-NSR registration mail from tcs, what is it?

    • Nothing……. But I know about only NSR registration….. National skill registration NSR seeks to develop a unique and trusted fact-sheet of information about the registered professionals. Your fact-sheet will have your personal, educational and experience information.

  449. @gcv wen I received ur offer letter?

  450. @akshay tags you received that bgc-nsr wala mail?

  451. @gcv Wen u received ur ol

    • TCS mandates registration at NSR for background verification. If for some reason you are not able to complete the registration before ILP, the TCS staff will help you with the same at your ILP center. However, it is best to complete it before joining to avoid delays.

  452. Who got joining letter from Pune region please give me your whatsapp number for connecting us. My whatsapp number is 9168407026..

  453. @sharad wen u got jl?

  454. I have not received the nsr mail yet.. Those who got ol after 14th January got their nsr nd jl?

  455. @sharad wen u got ol?

  456. Can anyone please tell me when will be result of interview in nagpur that held on 23 jan 2016 will be declared ?

  457. I got my ofr ltr on 22nd Jan and on 6th I received nsr mail

  458. if any one completed their NSR registration,, please share ur exp or any trouble you faced during that

  459. I have done with NSR. I have chosen registering at my own option. Have i done wrong?

  460. We don’t face any problem in nsr registration dats a simple task….basic information of personal nd educational details are enough

  461. Is anyone got any news related internal is service interview dates??????

  462. plz reply if anyone got any updates on this……………..

  463. Nsr registration fee 344/-

  464. We can prefer the nearer one

  465. We can prefer our nearer one

  466. Is anyone got any mail or news regarding internal IS services interview or offer letter????

  467. Plz reply as soon as possible if anyone knows something about this???

  468. Gcv plz tell me your friend got mail from service TCS that she is not suitable for generic it services but they able to join internal is services???? Is mail k baad uske pas offer letter aaya hain ???? Plz reply soon

    • yaa ,, she got this(i.e, not suitable for it services) on some date , she told me there is again a final interview for internal IS services of TCS , another mail regarding interview got on 22nd jan,, got offer ltr

      and now she is going to join in feb(kerala)

  469. Gcv ek baat aur puchni thi ki tmhare friend ne internal is services k liye phir se interview diya tha kya????

  470. Ya I have completed my biometric

  471. gcv can you give me your aur your freind mobile no, plz…..

  472. anyone else got this type of mail or ol?? plz tell me

  473. when will be interveiw result for feb4?

  474. Gagayu what are you saying??? I am not understand plz say again

  475. In NSR is it compulsory to mention joining date ???
    As i haven’t received joining date …
    Can i complete my NSR without joiining date???

  476. No dats nt compulsary…..I have completed my nsr and biometric without having my joining date

    • During NSR registration what did you select “Registration at my own ” or “my future employer ” .
      Kindly inform me

      • it is better to select my future employer(if got offer from tcs),why because it is easy to access or for verification , by TCS (during joing)

  477. is there anyone who waits for interview dates of internal ISServices ?????? because i am waiting for interview for internal is services……. GCV for internal is services i got mail on 7 jan and tcs told me that apply before 10 jan……but nowday there is n o mail regarding interview or offer letter for this post is coming to my mail id……

  478. plz tell me if anyone got any information regarding this bcoz i am worried that tcs take interview or not for this post???? so plz reply as soon as possible……

  479. Hiii,

    Today got JL…

  480. Is there anyone who got any information related to internal IS service interview????? Abhi koi aisa hain jiska internal IS service k liye interview na hua ho???? Agar kisi ka interview na hua ho to plz mujhe batao qki abhi mera bhi ni hua hain….. Mere pas is k liye 7 Jan ko mail aaya tha aur usme likha tha ki 10 Jan se pehle apply krna hain…..

    • heyy,, dn’t wry, i called my frnd ,but there is noreply,so, i hadn’t comment about that

      i think dependce on region ,it may delayed ,

  481. Those who received jl today…..can plz tell me the date on which u received ol and from which region

  482. Got my jl frm Hyd region date of reporting is March 24

  483. Will u done any aspire tests

  484. is anyone got joining on 18 april 2016 at trivendrum (kerela) for tcs ilp, then please let me know email id –

  485. Anyone got results for interview held on 5th feb?(Chennai region). Whn vl d result be published?

  486. Today I got my jl and my joining date is march4 chennai

  487. Is passport was compulsary at the time of joining or we can submit that after joining

  488. Got JL. 18 April at trivendrum. Is any one got same 9503472573

  489. I am from pune

  490. Is there any1 who has taken the interview on 4th of February 2016..? Did u get mail regarding the result…?

  491. those who got jl pls tell do u guys had aspire test???

  492. those who gt jl pls say did u guys finish aspire test?

  493. Nyone here who got joining on 25th March ahmedabad??

  494. Yes,
    but Joining date 11 March ahmedabad…

  495. Guyz… Aspire test is mandatory before joining ILP or not?

  496. anyone who got joining at guwahati ???

  497. I am also confused with that aspire…is aspire is available in next step portal to complete that…bt I didn’t find aspire

  498. hey guys someone say abt aspire….hav u done it or not????

  499. Wat abt aspire….

  500. in campus commune ,, there are details of aspire & techlouge,,

    it is clear we have no aspire ( for IRA we need to read them),

    but techlounge is there , is it compulsory? or it is also for just reading

  501. Thank u….if u know anything abt tech lounge then plz post the information here….

  502. in campus commune there is a link called aspire.. In which there is a link called Take quiz.. what do we have to do there

  503. what kind of questions? what are they related to?

    • may be differ to evry one,,,i don’t knw

      my questions r
      how can you answer aspire course quiz
      options : by read all concepts of course chapters like that
      what is score you in aspire ? ans: in miles like wise question of 5 are there

  504. Guyz… I have a group on WhatsApp of all joinees willing to join on 25th April at trivenduram…there are some students in this group that keep in contact with each other. We can discuss about any information easily and can solve so guyz if you want to join then you can

  505. there mentioned , no need to take aspire.

    but , i don’t about techlounge , is it compulsory or not ??,

    i got assurance metril ( but i prefered java, .net, unix&c as preference)

  506. if any one got other than assurancel( like java, .net.,,)
    please share

  507. i got unix c++ oracle as per my first preference

  508. Hey can anyone tell me what kind of questions are asked there on tajke quiz

  509. Where we can find that work stream

  510. I’m from chennai region. I gave my tech+MR+HR on 4 feb,2016. When shall I expect my results?

    • I too from Chennai region… Some candidates got selected… I have no idea that on wat basis they r selecting the candidates… Is there any phases on dis selection process… Can I expect to receive mail regarding my result status even more…

      • i too from Chennai region…. i have attended interview on 5th feb… is there any chance to except our results? rejected candidates get mail or not?

  511. I m unable to find the tech longue please share how to get to know wthr u got java or not

  512. Hi, I attended interview on 5th Feb, Chennai and still haven’t got my results. I see many persons have already gotten them. Are rejected persons given results first or are results sent in phases? Please respond. The Interview happened only on Chennai. Are there phases?

  513. Krithika and viswa you give your interview for which post??? Is it for internal IS services???? Please tell me…. Because I also receive one mail from TCS that I am suitable for internal IS services but they did not give me any date for interview….. So please tell me about this….plz

  514. Krithika and viswa this interview is 1st or 2nd interview of TCS off campus December drive for 2015 batch which you give on 4 Feb????

  515. @Viswa: Are you sure that chennai candidates (who attended interview by this feb, 2016) got selected and received their offer letter? If so, pl let me know when did they receive mail reg the same

  516. @Rm: for IT. I didn’t receive any mail reg internal IS service.

  517. @Guys (who belong to other than chennai region): pls let me know when u gave ur tech+ MR + HR and when did you receive your offer letter. will it take a month’s time or 2 weeks of time?

  518. hello guys,
    i got java in tech lounge and i got joining on 18 april 2016 at trivandrum and i m from delhi ncr region
    contact no – 84471370378

  519. edit contact no- 8447137038
    from ravi

  520. Guys, Will rejected candidates get mail or not? I attended on 5th Feb and I still didnt get results on mail. I dont know if im selected or rejected. Will I get results?

    • ……..some of the members got on 11 th feb ….. i m also waiting for results

      • What do you mean ‘some members’? Those members got selection letter or rejection letter? Selection letter was issued on 8th . Does that mean we still have 50% chance?

        • i don’t knw bt some of membrs got selection letter on 11 th feb……….

          do u have any idea abt chances ?????

          • I think persons who’re waiting will have to wait forever. We’re all rejected 🙁 . I spoke to a TCS Administrator and she said that what’s supposed to be out is out or something. Last year, Rejected students never got rejection email. 🙁

    • Guys, I have attended the interview on 5th feb, chennai? i didn’t get any response from tcs till yet? i have attended for IT? am i rejected or not? is anybody got selection letter held on 5th feb? is there any possibility? rejected candidates can get mail or not? Pls reply me friends? i’m waiting for your response?

      • It’s obvious isn’t it? You’re rejected. And they aren’t sending rejection emails for rejected people it seems. Stop wasting time.

  521. chennai ……i attended on 4th feb ……….. some members got result on 11 th …….any updates

  522. any idea about in next tcs portal feedback form…….

  523. Attended interview on 4th Feb 16,got offer letter on 11th Feb 16(Assistant system engineer-Trainee,grade-Y).I heard about aspire module,but I didn’t have them in my Campus commune.can anybody plz tell me that Whr I can find it?

  524. @kirthika…. Yep.. I know… Some of ma frndz who took the interview on 4th Feb with me received offer letter from Tcs by 11th of Feb…

  525. I even claimed them regarding the result through email to the Helpline.. Didn’t get any response yet… Also no answer on calling Helpline…
    Can any1 plz try calling the Helpline to get proper clarification…?