TCS Off Campus Interview Results @December 2015

Every Year TCS Conducts Off campus recruitment drive to hire fresh engineering graduates through out India and that too in large numbers giving freshers an amazing opportunity to grab a job after graduation. From the past few years TCS has been hiring more than 25000 freshers year for the post of Research and Development, Applications Development Team, IT Infrastructure and Services and much more. Usually these TCS Off campus drives follows the same procedure that is Written Aptitude Test + Email Writing followed by Interview Rounds consisting of Technical, Managerial and HR Interview Round. Check more about TCS Off Campus Interview Results December 2015 below.

In most of the regions across India like Delhi NCR, Kolkata, Bangalore etc. TCS Interview rounds have been already conducted soon after the declaration of TCS aptitude results. At some locations all the Interview rounds i.e Technical, Managerial and HR rounds have been happened whereas at some locations rounds are still going on. So for now we can just provide information how will you be notified about the TCS Off campus Interview results.

How will you get to know about TCS Off Campus Interview Results ?

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Well the final result after all the TCS Interview rounds are conducted is sent via email to each individual clearing the Interview rounds and would be asked to accept the offer letter via logging into TCS Next step portal.

*As of now there is no exact date when the TCS Off Campus Interview Results are going to be announced but as soon as they are declared we will update it immediately like we did about the TCS Off Campus Aptitude results. So you can drop your email id’s below and we will send you the result notification mail as soon as the results are announced.

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  1. Plzzz inform me as soon as result will publish….

  2. Kindly inform me the status of my result as soon as declared.

  3. December TCS interview result

  4. Kindly inform the result as soon as possible

  5. Please notify me sir..

  6. Plzz notify me

  7. pls inform me too sir..its like first phase has been over…

  8. Sir ,
    They mailed me ffer letters will sent in phase.There is any chance of getting for me in next phase .

  9. Sir
    It is mentioned in my mail that results are declared in phases and first phases results are declared.Is there any chance of getting offer letter for me.

  10. Plzzz reply me sir

  11. @Prasad I also got same mail…

  12. Hi Sir,

    It is mentioned in my mail that results are declared in phases and first phases results are declared.When the second phase result will be declare?

  13. Kindly inform me the status of my result

  14. sir,

    when will other phase results will be declared?

  15. Any one got tcs offer letter kindly rply me when will second phase result will announce

  16. When will the phase 2 results be declared

  17. i did not get the offer letter in this phase but 2 of my friends got the letter
    package is 3.5 lakhs
    and i do not know when the 2nd phase results are going to be released
    i am worrying whether i can get or not
    based on which criteria they have selected the candidates in phase -1 ?

    • Sir Still i am waiting for phase-2 results till now i didn’t get any mail from tcs.I don’t have any clarification about my result did i select or not ?please give me reply as soon as possible

  18. please ioform me when the tcs off campus interview result will out. πŸ™‚

  19. what is phase1 selection ???!!!

  20. i also confusing about these phases division.I want some clarity on how these phases are divided.I think its not actually region or name wise because one of my friends got offer letter on Thursday.I want to know exact dates when our results going to be released or at least some clarity on how these phases are categorized..

  21. I am from ncr region is there any chance of getting mail in phase 2 and phase 3

  22. hi sir,
    I did not get the offer letter in this phase 1. I am waiting for phase 2 results. Please notify me Based on which criteria they have selected the candidates in phase -1 ?

  23. Keep cool..stay positive.. and hope for the best..everyone who has cleared HR round will definitely get may take time up to a month..i am also waiting for the offer letter..i dont know about these phases and how many they offered in phase1..and want to know whether do we get mail if not selected..

  24. how to know whether we are selected or not

  25. does any one got mail today?

  26. does any one got any mail today?

  27. Sir,
    I did not get the offer letter…how i know whether am selected or not????

  28. Sir,
    Its a kind request from all the students to tell us when the results will be declared.
    All are waiting eargerly. Its about students career,plz understand it and provide us necessary information whn exactly results will b disclosed.

  29. When will the results of phase 2 be declared?
    Please reply.

  30. It is mentioned in my mail that results are declared in phases and first phases results are declared.Is there any chance of getting offer letter for me.any one know about this phases how these phases are catageorized

  31. When will phase 2 results Will be declared

  32. TCS will give surprize tomorrow !!!!

  33. Does anyone got offer letter after 24th dec???

  34. Hey madhur What do you mean by suprize???? Will it declare results of phase 2 today?

  35. Please Notify me if result of next phase declared.


  37. I also got the same mail. My interview was very good but m confused whether TCS will send a mail to the cadidates who couldn’t clear the interview.

  38. No one got mail after 24th…kindly tell us whn d nxt phase results will b declared..?
    N request the coordinator to reply fr our quries..

  39. This is what i found from some other blog…..

    ***Even I spoke with the talent acquisition Hyderabad region management. They have confirmed that there are only two phases and the phase 2 results will be declared in the 1st week of January….. till then chill up folks***

    Hope this will helpful to all..

  40. Any idea about the number of candidates who got the offer letter in phase1.

  41. Hi,
    I have received a mail that phase 1 results are declared on 24 December.Did anyone from Bangalore got their confirmation mail???

  42. There are lot of confusions so wait until u didnt get anything from tcs officials…

  43. When will we be the joining for the selected candidates.. Aspire??

  44. If anyone from pune region get mails notify us..

  45. Please notify me if there is any update on second phase result of TCS

  46. Happy new year guys n girls..

  47. Happy new year to all of u!!!!
    Hope tcs will bring happiness to us!!
    Gud luck!

  48. Hello evrybdy Happy new year to all!!
    Hope tcs will bring happiness to us!
    Gud luck!

  49. When will the 3rd round hr round conducted in mgit college results will be released

  50. hello all,
    lets hope for the best By God’s Grace we will be select in phase 2.

  51. Guys please help me out
    In the list of documents that are to be submitted i have been asked to submit work permit and affidavit :
    1. What is work permit and why is it required when we are going to work in india ?
    2. Do we need to make two different affidavits for
    *There is no criminal offence registered/pending against you
    *There is no disciplinary case pending against you in the university
    3. Do we need a signature of any college authority on the affidavit that is to be made for the “pending case against me in the university”

  52. Hi all,

    Do anyone got results after 24th December?


  53. when will you relese the phase2 TCS results?

  54. When will be 2nd phase results will be released

  55. Please notify me too regarding off campus results

  56. I did not Offer letter but drop the mail tht tq for paticipating in interview then they mentioned about phases last they r whishing to My family vry comfusing statements … I dont know i am selected or mot

  57. Whn d results will b disclosed..?
    Someone need to answer us.we are waiting since 20 days..
    Seriously the coordinators shld give us sum information regarding this..

  58. Anyone got joining date??

  59. Hello friends, happy new year to all of you, and best wishes for this year
    Keep patience and think positive till the 2nd phase result will be’s a request to all of you if anyone will get the 2nd phase result, then will inform us any idea about this. May God Result will be in favour of us.
    Hope for the best |

  60. This week final results will be published as I contacted to the help line executive!!
    Dil tham ke baithie guys hope for the best of all.


  62. please inform me about phase2 results.

  63. Hello friends, Happy new year to all of you and best wishes for this year
    Keep patience and think positive till the 2nd phase result will be announced. It’s a kind request to all of you if anyone will get the 2nd phase result, then must inform us about this. I ‘m also waiting for the result. So we will have to keep in contact with each other. May God Result will be in favour of us.
    Hope for the best.

  64. result declare ho gaya kya ?? phase 2 ka??

  65. Do anyone filled the feedback form?

  66. Where to fill the form..I’m not finding it anywhere..and form is about???

  67. Hello frndss, Gud mrngggggg to all of you.
    Today when I opened my TCS account and clicked on campus communy, I saw a Notification on notice board regarding to revamped the profile page. This is inform to all of you that update your profile page as update your cover photo as well as profile pic etc., it’s better than previous one So go to campus communy and update your information. There is no feedback form but give a feedback message about this.

  68. dude what is certification tracker and we need to do in that?@akshay tyagi

  69. Guys can anyone tell that apart from eastern region and bangalore in which location 1st phase result declaired???

  70. Ravi shankar kumar

    I am eagerly waiting for my offer letter and hoping for the best.

  71. Any updates from anyone about phase 2 results??

  72. No results yet..
    If anyone get results kindly inform

  73. when results wil be declare for 19 Dec interviews in pune?

  74. Please inform about results.everyone is waiting .

  75. when will results r declare….
    waiting for result…..
    anyone contacted to the regional team…???
    inform about results

  76. Result declare hogΓ  ya nai?

  77. nope.. nothing yet


  79. really today ???
    Results will be informed to us by e-mail?

  80. Is it really true that 2nd phase result will be declared today?

  81. If any one can get offer letter today please post on this blog.

  82. If anyone gets any mail regarding tcs post here plz

  83. Hello guys, Today I have seen in other blog in which I read 2nd phase result will be announced today but there is no confirmation that Today result will be announced so have patience and think positive.
    Hoping for good response.

  84. Still no result ??

  85. Achyuth did ur any friend get offer letter after 24th dec?

    • when will the result be declared ???height of pa

    • i know only 2 of my friends had taken interview on the same day on which i have taken but they both got offer letter in first phase and that too on 24th i do not anyone else

      and when these people are going to release i do not today is friday and till now we do not get results and it is 2 weeks past the first phase results came

      on that day my friend told me that you may get ol in 2nd phase may be after 2 months based on their vacancies. i did not care him on that day but today it seems that may be he is right.

  86. I too thnk so..its jst rumors of phases..thy want candidates or not don’t kno. At d end of interview session thy tld wtin a week v announce results BT watch out d days. N no proper response frm d coordinators. How mch one shld wait. So many students r waiting for tis job. Bt where des companies undrstnd der position. This is really disappointing from TCS,vry sry to say tis..No more expectations from it. Guys move on..

  87. Seeing this v feel v shld nvr try fr tcs off campus nearly 1 month ovr..evry min v r checking mails but no sign of it..
    N thy r not giving us any information also. Everyone is in dilemma weather thy r selected or not..thy can delay joining,training etc later on but results thy shld give early. Students ll at least get d assurity of job..leav really disappointing..

  88. One of my frnd caller TCS this week they said that….. Their process was stopped last week due to new year festive…. From this week they started to process the OL

  89. One of my frnd called TCS this week they said that….. Their process was stopped last week due to new year festive…. From this week they started to process the OL

  90. May be you are right but I don’t think so.yes, I know it has taken more time for declaration of result but if it would be rumour then why did tcs email to us regarding for phases system while TCS has authority to reject any person.
    So guys have patience and think positive.

  91. Not today or next week…2nd phase result will be annouced at 1st week of feb though number will much less than prev year.As per market senario tsc is targeting to take most from 2016 batch . Hope for the best and hang tight.

  92. the guys who didnt have much knowledge in programming got slected….those who gave good interview r till now not slected what the helll… room for knowledge

  93. Still how many days v have to wait like dis without having any clear idea….

  94. Not today or next week…2nd phase result will be annouced at 1st week of feb though number will much less than prev year.As per market senario tsc is targeting to take most from 2016 batch . Hope for the best and hang tight.

  95. does anyone who got an offer letter from TCS careers has
    received the thank you mail as well???

  96. 2nd phase has been announced. Check your nextstep profile, it’s written right on your homepage

  97. It is mentioned in my mail that results are declared in phases and first phases results are declared.Is there any chance of getting offer letter for me.any one know about this phases how these phases are catageorized

  98. What is this going on guys ?
    How will we get to know the results ?

  99. No I didn’t find any update regarding results in tcs next step….how can I check my status of my result

  100. yes it is showing the dates of April 18 and April 11, 2015 dates it is showing results of the drive conducted in February 2015
    please guys once again check and tell me the dates

  101. Hi Can someone contact TCS or can leave a number so that we can contact them….Thanks

    • i have mailed to the admin of campus commune several times.. but no response other than “wait for your next mail”

  102. I have also mailed at ilp support but did’nt get any response till now..

  103. 011266506453

    This is the number…i have contacted them before interview on this number.

  104. Phone no. 18002093111
    Tcs help line

  105. I got mine on 25th DEC, day after the thankyou mail.

  106. They wont say anything about result

  107. guyzzzz today i got my offer letter from tcs πŸ™‚
    for any info whatsapp me on 9015087780

  108. gaura. can u tell me when was ur interview and at wht time?

  109. tell us what was ur region and when did you get offer letter?

  110. hello,Anyone from Delhi/NCR got offer Letter?
    if anyone knows about 2nd phase result ,kindly inform on this blog…
    Thank you

  111. My interview was on 20th bengaluru at TCS gate2,opposite to videhi hospital, white field bengaluru.when will be these results announced.if any one knows please reply

  112. I am from mumbai region. I gave my interview on 20th of dDecember
    On 14th of January I got my offer letter.

  113. Anyone got call letter frm sangli region in phase 2…who gave interview in Asta college..
    Inform if u get offer letter plz

    • Mayuresh Deodikar

      Geeta, I attended the interview on 16 Dec at Ashta, Sangali. Phase 2 released ? Have you any update about Phase 2 with you?
      And I haven’t received offer letter yet.

  114. Mayuresh Deodikar

    Geeta, I attended the interview at Sangli (Ashta). Phase 2 released?
    And I haven’t received offer letter yet.

  115. Did anyone got an offer letter or regret mail from Lucknow region in phase 2 ?

  116. what about phase 2 results guys??About more than half of total are still waitng,Hope tcs reacts positively..

  117. I dint got any mails or notification yet..if anyone get offer letter in 2nd phase inform in tis website..
    N if anyone kno how many phases r der infrm us dat also..

  118. Vivek anand mishra

    Plz tell

  119. Please give the update. It’s really been too long

  120. Hello guyzzz, you can share your information about 2nd phase result on FB page “elitmus preparation 2014”, many students are sharing information about result.

    • @sam
      It’s call letter for ilp or offerlletter?
      And if it is call lette den
      From which region u belongs
      Did u give in certificatoin in certification tracker?
      Nd from when ur training is going to strt…?

  121. don’t know about tha phases.but one of my friend who got offer letter on 25th DEC,2015 recently got joining mail also.she is supposed to join on 1st Feb 2016

  122. she had her aptitude test in Jaipur and interview in noida on 14th DEC then 2nd interview was in gurgaon,16th DEC…she told me that there wasn’t any modules

  123. @sarika
    Would u plz tell me from which region she belongs and on what factors tcs distributing joining letter without conducting aspire……
    Thnxx in advance…..

  124. When we r going to get result guys? It has been 1 month.. still no mail from them…

  125. Any one from bengaluru region got offer letter in first phase?

  126. Anyone from delhi region who got offer letter in 2 phase ???

  127. i m from kolkata region and didn’t get any infromation about 2nd phase result,any one tell how much time it take to announce 2nd phase result

  128. got my ol today.

  129. I got offer letter today at 7:30 pm. I am from Hyderabad Region.

  130. Form Bangalore Location any one got offer letter of 2nd phase?

  131. I too got call letter, am from pune region and given interview in Asta col sangli.
    Thanks to tcs finally thy gave us gud news

  132. I think no student from delhi region has got offer letter in 2nd phase

  133. i am from bengaluru region got offer letter on 22nd this month my interiew was on 20th dec.Thanks TCS

  134. got the offer letter today 25 jan from tcs (delhi ncr region)

  135. Sir i am from chennai. Attended tcs online test on 23rd jan 16. when will they declare the results of aptitude test.

  136. I also got the offer letter..i m from delhi ncr region

  137. Thaks tcs for releasing the offer letter today..i m from delhi region

  138. is there anyone still waiting for an offer letter from kolkata region? or is the process over with everyone getting their ols today??

  139. guyz,anyone here waiting for offer letter specially for Delhi/NCR (Noida)………

  140. yes… i m still waiting ol???

  141. Guyz after a long time got my offer letter….. From Delhi /NCR NOIDA….

  142. guyz,anyone here waiting for offer letter specially for Delhi/NCR (Noida)

  143. Do we have aspire tests

  144. had anyone attend interview at hyderabad for ITis on 28 jan?

  145. Guys now there’s no point of waiting for result of 2nd phase dos who all are waiting ,i think we should now move on and try for oder companies,i am from pune and i am deciding to go to bangalore as for freshers der are more chances to get placed as more drives are conducted der,Those who are willing to join me plz whats app me on 8087636799.

  146. when will we get our joining letter? Any idea?

  147. hi friends…..i want change my email id in tcs application form…how can i do? because every information about tcs is intimated for our email id..hlp me friends

  148. Hai sir, could u pls declare wen Feb 5th interview results will announce for chennai region ?

  149. r u 16 passed out ?

  150. Is there any1 who attended interview on 4th of February 2016 at Chennai..? Did u get mail from Tcs regarding interview results…? Yesterday some candidates received mail that they were selected… But I didn’t receive any mail regarding my result status…
    Is there any1 else lyk me…?

  151. waiting for tcs result

    Today anyone got OL???

  152. results updated on nextstep portal.login and check.

  153. Got OL on 28 jan Delhi NCR region.
    Waiting for JL.
    Any idea on expected date?

    • Bro I also got OL on 28th Jan from Delhi/NCR but got joining letter also.
      One of my frnd who is from Delhi/NCR region, also waiting for JL so have patience
      Hope for the best

  154. waiting for tcs result

    Akshay in Ur region anyone got rejection mail frm tcs hr interview???

  155. I attended TCS off campus on 5th February in chennai. Is there anything like phase 2 results like in other region? Did anyone got mail from TCS ?

  156. waitting forr tcs inbterview result

  157. tcs interview result please published sudently

  158. Results are declared on feb 11 itself. Download TCS Next step android app and check the notification

  159. Do you get any notification syed. I am also waiting for the result. I didn’t get any notification

  160. Syed : have you got the notification there in app

    • Yes my friend, TCS portal is not updated. They have switched over to android app, kindly check yours asap don’t wait.. continue your journey somewhere else. NO MAIL YET FROM TCS.. Very annoying

  161. Syed- But for me there shows no notification instead showing only for the last year’s interview of regret mail.. Have you got the regret notification there for this recent interview ??

  162. I am also waiting for the results. In app it shows last year notification only. I attend tech round on feb 4 at Chennai. Will result come or is it already published? I m very confused and frustrated.

  163. Syed- can you contact me on whatsapp
    My no: 8903434677

  164. its last year notification for me πŸ™

  165. have u recieved notification? – bharath. i too attended on 5th feb, chennai. i didn’t got any notification in campus commune till now. reply me.

  166. Did any one receive result or offer letter from Chennai zone for the interview held on feb 5 2016.
    Do anyone know any news regarding the result? When will TCS announce result πŸ™

  167. guys..wat is the package offered to freshers by tcs?

  168. Nextstep/off_campus

    This is to remind you all ! TCS has started for the recruitment of 2016 batch from 2nd of march 2016. the registration were closed on 10th feb itself for the upcomming events n updates stay tune with us.

  169. results are out for 2march exam delhi region

  170. Your msg:You can also check the result of the test by logging onto Campus Commune.
    But there are no results in campus commune……………………..why?

  171. When will TCS announce interview result for 4th feb 2016 held in chennai? @Nextstep/off_campus

    • I too attended interview on 5th feb in chennai. I didn’t get any mail or notification till now?how to know our result? kindly reply friends.

  172. V must wait Abinaya.. V will get.. I too am waiting for the result..

  173. Last time TCS arrived to my college in November, and i have not cleared interview round. I have applied again in TCS off campus and qualified the test held on 2nd march. Am i not eligible in TCS interview round because i have applied again before 6 months. Thanking You.

  174. Those who attended interview on 4th and 5th feb in chennai, whether received any update about result from TCS or about its status? kindly share it here…

  175. No praveen… no notification or mail yet πŸ™

  176. @ praveen…. no notificaiton till now

  177. @Nirosha Do you know whether the tcs is completely announce interview results off campus drive held on 4th feb 2016 in chennai?

  178. I think TCS has not announced the result completely… I think v must wait.. because I did not receive any notification yet. My friends received rejection notification. But I did not get any notification. So lets wait….

  179. @nirosha did u contact TCS regarding the same?

  180. No praveen… Did u contact TCS?

  181. Yeah I sent mail requesting them to update my result, but till now no reply…

  182. Oh… πŸ™
    Lets hope for the best praveen……
    Please update me if u get information regarding the result…

  183. Pls help me out .what shd I prepare for upcoming tcs interview

  184. Best of luck to every one

  185. Nirosha, Praveen, Abinaya Is any update from tcs?

  186. When will TCS announce interview result for 12th march 2016 held in noida?

  187. Praveen I called them now. They are saying v must wait because they itself dont kno…

  188. I got the mail yesterday regarding TCS selection in Kolkata….I am not selected.
    But in this post i heard about 2nd phase of selection…is it true that TCS will give a 2nd phase of result??They had given so in Jan 2016..pls update guys

  189. I got the mail yesterday regarding TCS selection in Kolkata….I am not selected.
    But in this post i heard about 2nd phase of selection…is it true that TCS will give a 2nd phase of result??They had given so in Jan 2016..pls update guys about it

  190. Praveen I think v r not selected… The process is over actually.. Few got offer letter last month itself and they are joining tomorrow… They attended interview with me on feb 5 2016. πŸ™ wat do u think? do u kno any information?

    • how u r saying that the process got over? U said that ur frnds got rejection notification.. but we did not receive anything like that till now. Also when we approached them through that toll free no they declared that our results are not published. There might be something going on which they are not letting it out.

      But Wat fears me is that TCS wont delay this much in declaring results. R u sure that ur friends received rejection mail?
      Also my friend who got placed in on-campus is joining today. So its nothing abt feb 5th batch like that..

  191. S praveen I saw the rejection notification of my friend. She received rejection notification last month itself… Praveen I am deeply frustrated. I need job. I too am waiting for a positive result. What shall v do now? Y is it getting this much delayed? Lets pray God and wait…

  192. Praveen I said u la my friend is joining today… I make him to talk to the HR. I asked him to ask TCS about my result.. U kno wat they said ?? :-((
    The recruitment for 2015 badge is over, no more 2015 candidates will be sent offer in chennai πŸ™

    • πŸ™
      then that’s it.. so the wait is over.. let’s move on from here.. stay positive and try other jobs. all the best..:)

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