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TCS Interview Tips | TCS Interview Questions: If you are reading this article, It implies that you have already cleared the biggest hurdle that’s written Examination. So First of all Congratulation for clearing the first phase of TCS Selection Process. Now It’s time to gear up for Technical & HR Interview. We would like to tell One thing that Maximum short-listing is done during written Examination, if you have cleared it, you are 90% in TCS so There is no need to panic too much about Next Phase.
Be Concerned About Interview rather than Being worried about it.

TCS Interview Tips

In TCS, They generally conduct two rounds of interview; Technical Interview and HR Interview. Both are for judging the technical as well as soft skills of a Candidate. Let’s Discuss the TCS Interview Tips.

Technical Interview: As Tcs is hiring you for the post of Assistant System Engineer, Interviewer would judge that your technical knowledge really matches with Company’s Expected Technical Knowledge. So In Technical Interview their prime focus would be on your Programming Skills, what you have learnt During B.Tech and What you have done in your final year project. But the Approach of Interviewer Varies from person to person depending on their B.Tech Stream.

*One has to prepare well keeping every important aspect into Consideration. So Here we divide this in two ways.

For CS, IT Aspirants:

  • If you are from CS and IT Back ground, They are going to drill hard on Programming Concepts. Firstly they would ask you in which programming Language, You are good at. So Here Don’t try to be the jack of all trades, Be the master of one. If you are good in C or C++, tell them Truth.
  • One Important thing that you also have to keep in mind, that Many a times Interviewees make the very tough programmes but gets confused on some simple concepts of programming. It leaves a very bad impression on Interviewer, So Be fully prepared with basic conceptual Understanding as well.
  • Interviewer may also ask a very very tough question just to check how you handle the situation, So Don’t get demoralised Be confident and try your best. Because that Question is not for checking your knowledge but for checking your confidence.
  • Also Be fully prepared about what you have done in your last year Project. They may also ask some questions on that. Also Revise popular algorithms like palindrome, Fibonacci etc.

For NON- CS IT Aspirants:

  • If you are from Mechanical,Electronics, Electrical streams etc. Interviewer would have a slightly different approach for You. For NON- CS IT Candidates, this round would be for judging basic programming concepts.
  • Interviewer would also ask question from your Stream, So Here Don’t try to be very smart. If you are from mechanical and you are giving every answer of mechanical correct. This may be a problem for you.(Because It raises a question what a so good mechanical guy doing in IT Industry ). So Rather than telling them what you are good at, tell them what they want you to good at.
  • Be prepared for the Question “Why you want to make your Career in IT Industry even though You are from NON-CS IT Back ground”.
    • For NON- CS IT Aspirants, Interviewer’s Foremost Priority would be your Confidence, Flexibility rather than your knowledge. Because TCS trains its Employees fully during the Initial Learning Process.


    * Interviewer may also ask some logical non technical questions to check your analytical ability like “You have a birthday cake and have exactly 3 cuts to cut it into 8 equal pieces. How do you do it?” etc.

    HR Interview:

    • This Interview is about your Communication Skills and your Body Language. So Be very Confident and Clear about your answer.
    • When the question is asked “Introduce Yourself”. Be precise and articulate. Most of the time people start giving a long monologue that sounds quite rhetorical(as you have mugged up). So Try to Be Natural.
    • You should know everything about your hobbies, Because Here HR Interviewer would actually ask many questions to judge that hobby is really your hobby. So if you brag that your hobby is Chess but you don’t know who is Vishwanath Anand. Believe me, at the same time your interview is over.
      Be very Humble to the Interviewer and Don’t be aggressive but Be assertive in your answers

    Finally We hope that you have an idea what, TCS Interview is all about. Be fully prepared and cover all important aspects. Because This Opportunity would lead to you to Bright Future. One thing more, Luck is also a very big factor so Be Motivated and Hope For the Best.

    Good Luck.
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