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Rene laennec Biography

Rene laennec Biography | Rene laennec Stethoscope | Rene laennec Facts: Rene Laennec was born in Quimper (Brittany). Rene Laennec’s  mother died of tuberculosis when he was five or six years old, and he went to live with his great-uncle the Abbé Laennec (a priest). At the age of twelve, he proceeded to Nantes where his uncle, Guillaime-François Laennec, worked in the faculty of medicine at the university. Laennec was a gifted student. He learned English and German and began his medical studies under his uncle’s direction. There is lot to know about Rene Laennec Biography and Rene Laennec Stethoscope. Let’s discuss some facts about Rene laennec so that we can get to know about the biography of Rene laennec and stethoscope of Rene laennec.

Rene laennec Biography:

Rene laennec Biography  is very interesting. At ‘Ecole Pratique’ Laennec was introduced to ‘comparison of anatomical studies’ by Dupuytren. It was here, that Rene laennec received his first prize for medicine and surgery. In June 1802, while he was still a student, he published his first paper. In fact, while Rene laennec was a student, he published several papers on topics such as peritonitis, amenorrhea and liver diseases. Rene laennec also worked as an editor for ‘Journal de Medecine’, a journal dedicated to research in medical science. In 1804, Rene laennec graduated in medicine. In the same year, he also became an associate at the ‘Société de l’École de Médecine’ and soon started to give private instructions on morbid anatomy. Rene laennec also found that tubercle lesions could be present in all organs of the body and not just lungs. Rene laennec also went on to become the editor of ‘Journal de Medecine’. So we hope you have got an idea about Rene laennec Biography.

Rene laennec Stethoscope:

Rene laennec had discovered that the new stethoscope was superior to the normally used method of placing the ear over the chest, particularly if the patient was overweight. A  Rene laennec stethoscope also avoided the embarrassment of placing the ear against the chest of a woman.

Rene laennec  is said to have seen schoolchildren playing with long, hollow sticks in the days leading up to his innovation.The children held their ear to one end of the stick while the opposite end was scratched with a pin, the stick transmitted and amplified the scratch. His skill as a flautist may also have inspired him. Rene laennec built his first instrument as a 25 cm by 2.5 cm hollow wooden cylinder, which Rene laennec later refined to comprise three detachable parts. So this is how stethoscope of Rene laennec was invented.

Rene laennec Facts:

  • Unlike those used today, Dr Laennec’s stethoscope was not a set of ear pieces connected by a plastic tube to a chest piece. His stethoscopes were simple cylinders made from wood and metal
  • Rene laennec invented the stethoscope while treating a young woman suffering from symptoms of heart disease.
  • Rene laennec coined the term melanoma, a common type of skin cancer; and the mucus brought up by asthmatics is named “Laennec’s pearls” in his honour.
    • Tuberculosis, a disease Rene laennec had studied, was first diagnosed in his own body by his nephew Mériadec Laennec using the former Dr Laennec’s stethoscope.

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