How to Prepare for Placement Drives Campus / Off Campus : Best Tips

Every Year, Thousands of students complete their graduation studies and desires to get placed in their dream companies in which some of them succeed, some end up getting placed in companies out of their interests or domain while  majority of the students often end up without grabbing a job after graduation and that’s where you start getting troubles. Therefore in order to avoid the future frustration it is best to start gearing up for the upcoming placement drives in advance. Check below more about how to prepare for placement drives.

How to Prepare for Placement Drives

Generic Scenario :

Well about the colleges based in India the placement season usually starts from middle of the  August for students who are in their final year and it spans up to March or April of the next year which often varies from college to college. Therefore if you are a final year graduate student and you are expecting companies placement drives in your college it is the best to start preparing for them as soon as possible and before you start preparing it is important that you start from the right track without wasting your valuable time or effort in irrelevant or unplanned preparation and that’s where we are going to help you out. So here below is a complete step by step guide on how to start preparing for Placement Drives no matter irrespective of type of placement drives.

How to Prepare for Placement Drives (Campus/Off Campus) : Useful Tips

First of all if you are attending Campus Placement Drives in your College it is important that you should first meet your TPO (Training Placement Officer) or consult your seniors or try to grab the past placement statistics of your college placements i.e how many number of companies visit your college, when does they start conducting drives, what is the placement criteria for each company, what are your college placement rules i.e if you are placed in one company then whether you are eligible for further company drives or not etc.

Note – It is important that you should note or follow the below mentioned tips. You may be aware about some of the points mentioned below but don’t take them lightly as we have often seen students committing mistakes on or before the placement drives.

For Example – One of my friend who was pursuing B.TECH (CSE) from Pune University attended a large MNC placement drive conducted at his college and he was successfully placed at a package of 3.5lacs per annum. He was very good in technical i.e coding but unfortunately as per the college placement rules he was not permitted to attend further placement drives even of higher packages and this happened not only to him but to lot of students and all this happened because of lack of awareness about the college placement rules. So don’t take these small things lightly, be cautious, be aware about all the placement statistics of your college, placement rules, placement criteria etc.

After getting all the prerequisites that I have mentioned in the above given point you should now start proceeding towards placement preparation i.e placement exams or interview preparation. Now while preparing for the placement exams or interview questions it is best that you should first get aware about the complete recruitment process of the company whose placement drive you are going to attend. After going through the recruitment process start preparing for the online or written test and it is best to cover all the previously asked questions for that particular company because in placement drives questions are usually repeated which you can easily find over Internet. That’s the same scenario for the Interview’s as well you can get all the previously asked interview questions from Internet and start preparing according. This will help you a lot in clearing that particular company placement drive.

I hope all this information comes handy in your future placement drives. BEST OF LUCK !!!!

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