How to Introduce Yourself In An Interview : Best Way to Answer

How to introduce yourself in an interview: Have you ever asked to yourself? what is the main cause of interview Failure? The unanimous answer is Nervousness. If you have already qualified written round and some previous round before interview, it means you are already knowledgeable. That’s why during interview rather than focusing on your knowledge, Interviewer prioritize your Confidence level, your Communication skill and Your Body Language etc. But Many folks are only confined to that knowledge aspect and they mess up.There are few points below that we are going to discuss and it will definitely help you to how to introduce yourself in an interview. I divide this introducing part in two ways Psychological Preparation and Theoretical Preparation. First one is more important that later one.

How to Introduce Yourself in An Interview : Best Self Introduction Guide

Psychological Preparation: We call it “NUFE” Strategy. This is a rational non-traditional approach that we recommend our Readers to follow. Try to understand every part carefully.

1.No preparation– It may sound quite awkward ‘No Preparation’. Yes this is what we said. Every interviewees try to recall whole encyclopaedia just before interview and that piles up the huge pressure, nervousness and that ruins your level of comfort. So Be Fully Prepared beforehand, but fifteen minutes before your interview forget everything. Be Calm and Cool, because you don’t want to let your one year preparation go in vain.So Understand how important it is for you to be relaxed at those last moments of your interview.
2.Understand Your Interviewer– You have to anticipate what your interviewer wants to know because ‘what your interviewer wants’ matters more than ‘what company wants’. Be Humble and make him feel that you have huge respect for him. After all , he is a human being. So sometimes your behaviour with the interviewer plays a key role. Don’t Just start pleasing your interviewer so, keep both things into mind.
3.Fake Smile– Having Real genuine smile is not every one’s cup of tea. So have at least Fake Smile. When you meet the interviewer very first time have a good smile on your face that would generate the positive vibes, and moreover from biological point of view when you smile, your body secrets soothing hormone serotonin and oxytocin. That would lower down your nervousness and make you more comfortable.
4.Eye Contact– Your Eyes talk more than your words.Eye Contact is a very important part of interview. Your eye contact defines your confidence level. So have reasonable contact with interviewer and that would give you the hold of the interview.

Theoretical Preparation: In this Section, We would brief you about the verbal part of ‘How to introduce yourself in an Interview’. Tell Basic information about yourself, Your academic background, Work Experiences and little bit about your family background. The big mistake that people commit here that they introduce themselves in a way that looks like that they have mugged up the whole part. It sounds rhetoric and verbose. So, Be Natural. Practice Your introduction part many times that would add genuine touch to your voice.

We hope you have understood how to introduce yourself in an interview.Finally, We would say, Do a rigorous research about the company and the designation for which you are applying keeping every important aspect into consideration. Rather than feeling you need them, Make them feel They need you. Surely This would lead to great success for you. Hope for the Best and Be positive.

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