How To Get Off Campus Placement in India

How To Get Off Campus Placement

                             How to Get Off Campus Placements in India

How To Get Off Campus Placement? Is that the question that gets your fingers crossed?In India, There are thousands of engineering colleges but Companies only visit only few among them that creates big turbulence among job-seeking graduates. So for getting job, They start searching for off Campus placements options. In which majority of them go for Direct placement off campus drive. Direct Off Campus Placement drive is a drive that takes place in a college and students from the other colleges are invited as well to avail the opportunity to sit in hiring Company’s Interview. This job placement program is for students from other institutions. This program is conducted in a common place (it may be in a college or in some public place) where students from different colleges takes part.In India, Mainly Btech students are the ones who participate actively in these drives. Many Companies like Tcs, Accenture, Infosys etc conduct their recruitment drive through out the year and recruit tens of thousands of freshers through Off Campus Placement Drives. These off campus drives are not confined to freshers, sometimes they also call experienced professionals depending on requirement. So finally it is clear how to get placed, question is not that perplexing as it is believed.

So, If you are a fresher and still confused about what to do. No need to panic, Because There are hundreds of companies out there and recruiting in bulk. You just need to be at Right place at Right time.

There are following ways that one can opt and get the answer of how to get off campus placement in India.

  • Placement Examinations (Amcat, Elitmus etc):

    There are many exams conducted in India but Amcat and Elitmus are the most reliable one. The Amcat is a computer adaptive test which measures job applicants on critical areas like communication skills, logical reasoning, quantitative skills and job specific domain skills thus helping recruiters identify the suitability of a candidate.Elitmus and other examinations almost follow the same kind of pattern. How To Get Off Campus Placement won’t be the same confusing question if you got this  placement strategy right.

  • Direct Off Campus Drives (Tcs, Wipro, Accenture, Infosys etc):

    In Direct off campus drives, Colleges where companies visit, generally invite their nearby colleges to participate. To avail this direct off campus drive opportunity, One should be aware of which companies are coming in nearby colleges and also check whether their college is invited or not. So Here awareness among your friends plays an crucial role. Always be proactive, that really helps a lot in getting placements in good companies.

  • Employee Referral Drives:

    Employee Referral drives are conducted by the Companies during particular span of time to fulfil the Companies requirement of employees quickly. In this case, Companies hire in less numbers and applicants are also less, so ultimately the competition is not that tough. In this, many companies have certain criteria, like you can have only reference of at-least two years experienced employees. So Always keep in mind the company’s criteria. Sometimes having more than one references may also help an individual.

So, Now its quite palpable that How To Get Off Campus Placement is not that baffling question. Always Choose the Best option, keeping every important aspect into consideration. Be proactive. Don’t live in complacency, then You would have bright future ahead of You.

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