Genpact Placement Questions – Set 1

These are the following questions recently asked in Genpact Placement Drives. These aptitude questions provide an idea about Genpact Placement Paper Pattern. You can start practicing or solving the below given questions and increase your chances of getting placed in Genpact.

1) How many 7 digit number are there having the digit 3 three times & the digit 0 four times ?

A. 15
B. 3^3 * 4^4
C. 18
D. none of the above

2) 4 Shepherds were watching over the flocks and they were commenting on how many sheep they each had. If ram had 3 more sheep than he would have one less than Rahul. whereas Akar has the same number as the other 3 shepherds put together. If john had 3 less sheep he would have exactly triple the number of ram. If they were evenly distributed if they would each have 11 seep how many sheep did ram have?

D.none of these

3) If both the pipes are opened, how many hours will be taken to fill the tank?

I.The capacity of the tank is 400 liters.
II.The pipe A fills the tank in 4 hours.
III.The pipe B fills the tank in 6 hours.

A. Only I and II
B. Only II and III
C. All I, II and III
D. Any two of the three

4) How much time will the leak take to empty the full cistern?

I.The cistern is normally filled in 9 hours.
II.It takes one hour more than the usual time to fill the cistern because of la leak in the bottom.

A. I alone sufficient while II alone not sufficient to answer
B. II alone sufficient while I alone not sufficient to answer
C. Either I or II alone sufficient to answer
D. Both I and II are not sufficient to answer

5) At present the son’s age is same as was his father’s age at the time of his birth. If father’s age is 48. Find the son’s age after 4 years from now.

A.30 years
B.24 years
C.28 years
D.Inadequate data

6) In 6 years, A will be thrice as old as B was 4 years ago. If A is now 6 years older than B, find the present age of B.

A.16 years
B.24 years
C.8 years
D.12 years

7) The difference between the ages of A and B is 10 years. Ten years ago, A was twice as old as B. Find the age of A, 10 years hence.

A.20 years
B.30 years
C.40 years
D.50 years

8) Rocky is 22 and his brother Ronnie is 25 years old. How many years ago was the ratio of their ages 2:5 ?

A.20 years
B.2 years
C.10 years
D.22 years

9) John left home and drove at the rate of 45 mph for 2 hours. He stopped for lunch then drove for another 3 hours at the rate of 55 mph to reach his destination. How many miles did John drive?

10) Pick the odd one out


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